Anoma on the Judgment

Breakdown of Rule of Law is making our country worse– Anoma
| by Wendi

(November 21, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) In her first interview with the media after delivery of white flag judgment, Mrs. Anoma Fonseka , the wife of Former General Sarath Fonseka, says that she will never give up the fight for justice and restoration of Rule of law in the Country.
File Photo: Gen. Sarath Fonseka and  Mrs. Anoma Fonseka
“This judgment has caused more distance between members of our extended family, but we expected this kind of judgment,” Mrs. Fonseka told the Sri Lankan Guardian’s Correspondent in Colombo.
When asked the question about the General’s future in politics, Mrs. Anoma Fonseka responded in positive tones saying ‘our political campaign never ended; it has been strengthened further . “We have no problem if Anura Kumara Dissanayake thought that the General had a long way to go in his politics. That is his problem. Most of us know that almost everyone in the opposition party has been in cohabitation with us. A number of members within the ruling party are also helping us. Therefore , I don’t think that the General would have any problem progressing in his political path. Many good politicians are helping the General. Anyone complaining otherwise would never stop our progress in politics”, Mrs. Fonseka said , when the Correspondent asked about JVP’s Anura Kumara Dissanayake’s claim that their alliance with General Fonseka was a mistake.
“We had very little time to prepare for the Presidential Election, so we don’t know what happened to the funds allocated to us for the presidential election towards our campaign,” she said.
Meanwhile, Mrs. Anoma Fonseka divulged that she was fearful of the security risks to the General: “The prison officials are doing their best for him but I have concerns regarding other security people who were deployed by the Government. I am concerned that the General’s life is under threat.”
However, Mrs. Fonseka said she would not place all the blame on Mr. Gothabaya Rajapaksha who is Defence Secretary and first enemy of Mr. Fonseka. Mrs. Anoma Fonseka says about the ruling party and their behavior. “I cannot blame only him directly. This case was filed by the ruling party to fight the rumor. The main reason as I see it – was that the General challenged the President and the President thought he would lose power,” she observed.
“However, the President can pardon him using his powers as per the Constitution. We would all be grateful if he would pardon and free the General,” Mrs. Fonseka says.
In terms of law and order, Mrs. Fonseka commented “The breakdown of Rule of Law is making the country worse than before . All must take responsibility to restore the rule of law and also insist on the Judiciary maintaining its independence. Otherwise the Country will be destroyed by our own hands and ordinary people will be victimized more than before,” she forecasted.
In her concluding remark of the interview Mrs. Fonseka said, “We need discipline to restore our real independence through which we can all enjoy freedom – independent of the judiciary and the legal system. There is no point in getting angry with each other and taking revenge. We, all of us, must unite to struggle to restore our justice system at all levels. It is my understanding that most people are aware that if they did something wrong to someone, that wrong will come back to them one day.”


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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