Another activist of BNM is abducted from Gwadar

( January 08, Balochistan – GWADAR, Sri Lanka Guardian) Another activist of Baloch National Movement (BNM) is abducted from Balochistan’s coastal town of Gwadar.According to the reports on thursday evening (05-01-2012) armed men of Pakistani secret agencies have abducted Haneef Baloch, when he was sitting besides a transport company in Gwadar city.Haneef s/o Murad is a resident of ‘’Baloch ward’’ in Gwadar,and he is a member of Baloch National Movement (BNM).
Meanwhile the BNM’s chairman Khalil Baloch in a statement strongly condemned the abduction of his party worker Haneef Baloch by the secret agencies.He said that Baloch struggle has brought enemy to the edge of disaster.Since then enemy (Pakistan) has crossed the limits of humanity and from last couple of years killing the Baloch youths after abduction and throwing their tortured bullet riddled bodies.But it doesn’t affect the Baloch struggle and our spirits are getting further stronger,and struggle is moving forward.Mr.Baloch further said that our numbers of main activists of Gwadar previously abducted and killed.Today on BNM strike call,all the Governmental and non governmental institutions will be remain closed in entire Makuran region.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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