Army fired at Nadesan’s wife shouting ‘….. …… Sinhala Balli’

| by Our Colombo Correspondent

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( February 11, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) LTTE’s political Head Balasingham Nadesan’s wife was said to be shouted at by the firing solder ‘You …. ……. Sinhala Balli, Sinhaleng kathakaranda enewade ’ (You ……. ……… Sinhala bitch, are you trying to talk to us in Sinhalese) before he released the bullets from his machine gun on her.
According to reports, at the time the wife (a Sinhalese) of Nadesan’s, a surrendering Tamil, called out to the troops in their native Sinhalese: “He is trying to surrender and you are shooting him.” But the soldier was not in the mood to accept her plea or listen to a Sinhalese married to an LTTE man.
The language used by the soldier was so appalling and beyond comprehension and not the standard expected from a regular fighter instructed to receive the surrendering enemy.
This information was confirmed to the Sri Lanka Guardian source by a euphoric soldier involved in the white flag killings.
The source of information can be released to any NGO of repute, if officially requested subject to maintaining confidentiality.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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