At last! Vasugi released

| by Shami Budhadasa

(October 24, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) According to information received from a Defence Ministry source, London based detained Mrs Vasugi Karunanithy has been released three days ago.
Mrs Vasugi Karunanith who is a member of Country Working Groups (CWG) of the Sri Lanka government feared Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam is a British citizen who was nicked at the Colombo international airport when she was about to board a flight to Chennai after her holiday in Sri Lanka.
She was incarcerated for over three months and put through intimidation and threat by the TID attached to the Defence Ministry.
British government applied continued pressure on Colombo for her release and went to the extent of downgrading its travel advise to Sri Lanka.
According to information, Mrs Karunanithy was put under pressure to sign an agreement to disassociate herself with the TNGTE and keep silence about her experience after her release which had refused to comply with.
Following legal action filed by the Appapillai Vinayagamoorthy MP, the TID in a mad rush released her and threatened her with serious consequence if she reveals her experience in captivity and continued to work with the TNGTE. The TID has offered unhindered visit to Sri Lanka if she complied with their instructions.
We have established from a TNGTE source that Mrs Vasugi Karunanithy has returned to London on 19th (Wednesday) October 2011. According to the source, she is very distraught over her experience and staying with her family.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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