Baloch community went on strike in front of Swiss embassy in London

( February 29, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Baloch Republican Party’s (BRP) UK chapter organised a protest against the killing of Brahamdagh Bugti’s sister and niece in Karachi, and human rights violations in Balochistan.
The protestors urged the Swiss government to grant political asylum to Brahamdagh Bugti, the BRP leader, without any delay. There are reports that the Swiss government is not replying to the Baloch leader about his status in the country despite the fact he was taken out of Afghanistan after the United Nations intervened over fears that the young Baloch leader will be killed. Those who spoke on this occasion included Mansoor Baloch, BRP’s UK leader, Mehrab Baloch, Akbar Barakzai Baloch from Balochistan Human Rights Council and Sohaib Baloch from BSO-Azaad.
The speakers condemned the murder of Brahmdagh Bugti’s sister and niece in Karachi and said that Pakistani intelligence agencies were involved in these killings. They also appreciated the US Congressional resolution on Balochistan and hoped that more Congressmen will support Dana Rohrabacher to help him pass the resolution.
The speakers also urged the Baloch leaders to unite for the national interest and freedom of Balochistan. The speakers urged the Swiss government not to succumb to any pressure and deport Brahamdagh Bugti to Balochistan.They said Pakistan killed Brahamdagh’s grandfather, several of his party workers and now his sister and niece and that Brahamdagh has a well-founded cases for asylum, which proves that his life is in grave danger.They said that Pakistani intelligence agencies got a Swiss couple kidnapped and now they have conditioned the abducted Swiss couple’s release to the political asylum of Brahamdagh.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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