Baloch freedom fighters attack on security forces convey 12 killed several injured

Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) claims responsibility of several attacks causing heavy loss to occupying forces

l by Somalan Baloch

(March 17, 2012, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) OCCUPIED BALOCHISTAN: According to reports at least 12 Pakistani FC personnel killed and several others injured in different attacks carried out by Baloch freedom fighters. Automatic weapons and I.E.D.s used in ambush causing heavy casualties among the forces.
PANJGUR: In a major attack on FC camp in Panjgur on Thursday early morning, several rockets fired along with automatic weapons resulting in death of more than 9 FC men and injuring many others. Firing continued for around 20 minutes causing heavy damage to FC facilities.
In Panjgur again FC check point in Chitkan came under attack when several rockets were fired from different angles targeting the forces. In response FC opened indiscriminate fire for long that shook the entire city of Panjgur.
TUMP: Ambush on FC convoy in Aziyan left 3 FC personnel killed and 7 injured when attacked by a remote controlled bomb followed by heavy firing. One vehicle completely destroyed in the explosion that took place near Levies check post tower at around 11.30am local time. The convoy #104-wing was headed from Turbat to Mand carrying FC personnel back after being treated in Turbat. Forces opened heavy fire right after the explosion took place leaving the locals in a state of fear.
Doda Baloch, spokesman of Baloch Liberation Front (BLF), talking to NNI news agency claimed responsibility of Panjgur and Tump attacks. BLF also claim responsibility of blowing up a Police station that was under construction in Buleda, Doda Baloch told NNI. Talking via satellite phone from an unknown location, he said the explosion was carried out by an I.E.D. that was installed inside the construction site. Doda vowed struggle will continue until independence of Balochistan.
In a similar incident, unknown motorcyclist threw a hand grenade in a local Police station in Mastung. One head constable, Haji Khan sustained injury and was later taken to hospital in Quetta for treatment


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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