Baloch Leader Killed

Kill and dump policies carries on by Pakistani death squad agencies.

Picture of Jaleel Reeki and Younis Baloch killed by Pakistani Intelligence Agencies

l by Somalan Baloch

(November 25, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian)Kill and Dump policy of occupying state pakistan’s secret agencies and forces continues, 2 more mutilated dead bodies have been recovered from a mountainous area of Mand area of Turbat, Balochistan on Tuesday.bodies were shot in head and chest and were dumped there a time ago. both two mutilated bodies were kept in hospital for identification, due to brutal torture they couldn’t be recognized yesterday.
According to the details, 2 mutilated dead bodies have been recovered from “Ballo” area of Mand, Levies took the bodies into custody and transferred them to Mand hospital. The victims were killed by shooting in heads and chests while the scare of torture and acidic acid were found on their bodies.
latest sources from mand told after a long period both two deceased and tortured bodies were identified as Mohammad Younis Baloch of Panjgoor who was arrested by Iranian death squad two months back later on handed him to Pakistani intelligence agencies while the other body was of Baloch Republican party BRP leader Khalil Reeki son of Mama Qadeer Baloch the General Secretary for Voice of Baloch Missing persons VBMP.
Jaleel Reeki was abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies two years back. the news of both Baloch leaders death spread like a fire in Jangle. Business totally shuts down in Balochistan while Baloch nationalists parties calls for shutter down strike in all over Balochistan for two days. The family members of both Baloch blames Pakistani security agencies for killing Baloch patriots.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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