Baloch Liberation Manifesto is under making and it will be published very soon: Hyrbyair Marri

| by A Special Correspondent

(November 24, Oslo, Sri Lanka Guardian) “Shaheed Balaach and all Baloch martyrs have sacrificed for the liberation of Balochistan, the best way to honor them is to adopt their way of struggle and fulfill their dreams of independence.” These views were expressed by notable Baloch patriotic leader, Hairbiyar Marri, in Norway where he was addressing a memorial reference in honor of Shaheed Balaach marri organized by Baloch Students Organization Azaad Oslo zone. He said that: “The trail and ordeal of Baloch martyrs started the day Pakistan and Iran occupied our land. The Baloch maintained its historical traditions of defending their homeland and in return was punished and now it is bearing the genocidal measures adopted by rogue states.”
Mr. Marri said that the history is witness that Baloch has fought each and every occupier and intruder from Alexander the great to Mughals, Mangols and British colonial forces with bravery and thus none of them could rule us in the long run. We are very much hopeful that history will repeat itself with Iranian Gajjars and Pakistani Punjabies and they will have to leave our land sooner or later.
The Baloch leader said that these both occupying forces have enslaved us on the name of Islam and they are involved in looting and exploitation of Balochistan’s wealth and natural resources. They are using the sacred name of Islam for their imperialist and colonial policies. The real face of Pakistani Islamic Army was unveiled in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.
The Baloch nation is well aware of the wicked tactics of enemies. They know that they are much older Muslims than the enemies who term them infidels. Solidarity, tolerance and freedom to practice any religion have always been the qualitative characteristics of our centuries old traditions.
He said “On the face they call us their brothers but the fact is we only have the relation of master and slave. They have occupied our land and want to wipe out our identity and traditions by converting us into Pakistanis or Iranians. That’s why we have reached to this conclusion that to save our motherland, traditions, civilization and culture we should resort on struggle to regain the independence of Balochistan.
Baloch leader said that due to sacrifices of our martyrs, peaceful political struggle and the self-defending measures today we are very near to reaching our goals. We now, for the first time, can feel that world is seriously thinking for an independent Baloch state. New boundaries in the region are under consideration by International powers where Baloch and Balochistan are under debate. Considering the need of time, the Baloch Liberation Manifesto is under making and it will be published very soon. This Manifesto will contain the characteristics of state of Free Balochistan and it will help the whole world to understand the demands of Baloch. After this we will make public an initial constitution of Balochistan that will guarantee the one-person one-vote concept and the social welfare of citizens of Balochistan.
Mr. Marri requested the Baloch nation to send their suggestions and views for the manifesto and initial constitution of Free Balochistan. “What kind of Balochistan the people want and what are the rules they want to make for a welfare and social state which will not only be a safe region for international investors but also a state where due diligence will be given to religious and human rights values.” He asked.
Mr. Marri said that the need of time is unity and harmony amongst Baloch schools of thought. He invited the whole Baloch nation to unite on a single point agenda of freedom of Balochistan. “I appeal them that instead of yearning for Pakistani parliament they should struggle to preserve their identity and defend their land. Today the Pakistani ruthless acts haven’t barred the freedom of Balochistan but our own Baloch elements who still have hopes from a brutal Pakistani state.” He added. “This creates difficulties when part of us wants independence and the other one eyes on rights and autonomy within the framework of Pakistan. This is putting hurdles in our way when we try to tell the world about our demands and thus benefiting the occupying forces.”
He appealed the Baloch living in foreign countries to come forward and let the world know in a more effective way about the brutalities practiced by Pakistan. He said that “In Balochistan all peaceful political activists are at the target of Pakistani death squads and raising the voice for rights is getting difficult over there with each coming day. This gap in the movement should be filled by Baloch living in foreign countries”
Mr. Marri commended the role and sacrifices made by Baloch Students Organization Azaad. He said, “This students organization has sacrificed a lot for independence of Balochistan and it has faced occupying forces with great bravery but at the same time it has complied with international conventions and rules. Today a unit of BSO-A in Oslo, Norway is great news for all of us and assures us that even the vicious and deadly measures adopted by the enemy state against this organization couldn’t vanish this organization and its growth. Instead these tactics by Pakistan have heightened the status of this great students organization in the society. Along with the continuous struggle in Balochistan this organization has also succeeded in making zones in European countries and it has proved that they are the true legacy holders of Baloch martyrs.”
Dr Mustafa Shahzawar Baloch, who is the UK coordinator of International Voice For Baloch Missing Persons, also spoke at the moment and highlighted the grave human rights violation in Balochistan. He hoped that the world would very soon consider the genocidal measures taken by Pakistan and Iran against humanity.
Waheed Baloch, President of BSO-A Oslo, spoke and thanked Hairbiyar Marri and other guests and vowed that his organization will play its necessary role in telling the world about Baloch issue. A statement by central leadership of BSO-A was also read at the moment.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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