Baloch national leader Hyrbyair Marri terms US committee hearing on Balochistan heartening

( February 08, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Baloch patriotic leader Hyrbyair Marri has termed an open hearing on Balochistan by the US committee on Foreign Affairs a heartening development. Marri, in a statement, said that the sincere and continuous efforts by Baloch activists have gathered enormous support in America for Balochistan’s independence movement. “We believe that witnesses in the hearing, along with testifying on the grave violations of human rights in Balochistan, will also look into the core reason of present conditions in Balochistan, which is Pakistan’s illegal occupation,” he added.
“After Balochistan’s occupation through military force on March 27, 1948, Pakistan has carried out five military operations. The fifth brutal military operation is still under way. Thousands of Baloch have been abducted or murdered. Pakistan’s brutalities are not confined to kill and dump only but they are also trying to convert the secular Baloch youth into religious extremists,” Marri said in a statement.
Marri demanded that all US military aid to Pakistan be halted as the money given to Pakistan for war against terror is being used in Balochistan against Baloch nation. He said Pakistan is supporting Taliban whereas it is using US helicopters and other ammunitions for a calculated genocide in Balochistan. Marri further said that Britain was involved in Balochistan’s occupation and division. Britain weakened the secular Baloch nation by imposing Iranian and Pakistani states on them.
“Today the whole world is facing the consequences of those grave mistakes that were committed years ago. But it seems now UK has also realised its mistakes that it committed a big blunder in history by dividing Balochistan. We hope Britian will also look into this matter and will support the independence movement of Baloch nation. In fact the UK should have taken a leading role before the US as we have old and historical relations with the UK, though our relations are not such that can be praised. Our country was divided and we were forced into slavery now it is their ethical responsibility to make good the damages they have done to Baloch nation,” he added.
There are some reservations amongst people that America is supporting us for their own interest. We don’t deny that but we must also realise that their interests are in fact tied to our own interests. We should be more concerned to preserve our identity as Pakistan is trying to wipe out our national identity. Once we are able to preserve and protect our identity we can easily take care of our resources. We want to have brotherly ties and relations on the basis of mutual interest with US and all other nations after independence.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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