Baloch struggle is not a proxy war, it is National freedom struggle: Dr Allah Nazar Baloch

( March 06, 2012, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) In a private Balochi TV channel, Baloch leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch has asked UN that it must raise its voice against Baloch genocide, answering to a question Dr Baloch said that they would welcome any support from any country provided it was based on principle of Baloch national liberty. Answering to a Question about Sardar and their role in Baloch liberation movement Dr Allah Nazar Baloch said; “Hyrbyair Marri and Brahumdagh Bugti are our brothers and comrades of Baloch freedom movement.” When asked what was his opinion about Charter of Liberation Dr Baloch said that it was also a part of liberation movement and a positive step. Much of its points have been agree upon. However, it might require minor modifications and improvement.
“We are fighting to liberate a country. If the we (Baloch) have the ability to get our freedom then we also have the capability to sustain our liberation,” said Dr Allah Nazar Baloch.
He said that they would welcome voices raised against atrocities in Balochistan from Washington and Delhi. Dr Baloch made it clear that Baloch is free nation and would never accept subjugation. Talking about human rights violations Dr Baloch said both Iran and Pakistan were committing genocide of Baloch nation. Commenting on IPI (Iran-Pakistan-India) gas pipeline, he said the Baloch would oppose it even America had not objected to it.
Dr Allah Nazar Baloch also welcomed the congressional hearing of Balochistan issue in America and said that it was time all other civilised nations also support the Baloch freedom movement. He said Baloch movement was gaining momentum and the credit for the success struggle goes to Baloch Sarmachars (Freedom Fighters). “The Baloch have never accepted slavery and their struggle is not a proxy war. Baloch consider it as an abuse to describe their national liberation movement as a proxy war.” He rejected the allegation of foreign (Indian) support and said that Baloch are solely relying on their own strength and energy.
Answering to a question related to foreign intervention in Balochistan the Baloch guerrilla leader said: “put aside international interests, Baloch are subjected to worst type of genocide; even children and women are not spared by the brutal occupying forces. The entire Pakistani rulers and media went ballistic when the American congressmen submitted the resolution on the humanitarian ground but they hardly take notice of Baloch genocide perpetrated by their (Pakistan’s) army”. He said Baloch are a free and dignified nation and freedom could not be achieved without sacrifice.
Answering to a question regarding Pakistani media propagation about Brahumdagh’s status, he said that “Mr Bugti is a comrade in the freedom struggle because of his political ideology not because he is a Nawab (Chieftan). There are no discriminations in our ranks. All comrades who are loyal to Baloch freedom struggle are equal, be that son of a Nawab/Sardar or son of peasant.” Baloch national resources belong to Baloch nation. Many so called tribal chieftains who call themselves Baloch nationalists are being used to counter Baloch freedom movement, whether it is in the form of Aslam Raisani, Sana Zehri, or Dr Malik.
Talking about the role of National Party and Balochistan National Party (Awami) he said that both are equally working for enemy. They are different only by name. They belong to establishment and the occupying state, he said drug barons such as Amam Bhil are members of these parties, what to expect from these parties? These parties do not support the freedom of Balochistan because they do not accept the very concept of Balochistan’s liberation.
Talking to Vsh News Channel Dr Allah Nazar Baloch said they did not killed Moula Baksh Dashti, However those who are involved in killing of Dr Khalid Baloch, Dr Mazar Khan Baloch and other Baloch freedom fighters will not be pardoned. He said their organization works within the parameters of Geneva War Conventions and armed organisations are conducting their defensive activities with extreme responsibilities; Baloch fighters do not target anybody without valid reason and proof.
He said Pakistani media and intellectuals support the Kashmir issue but turn a blind eye to on-going gross human rights violations by their security forces in Balochistan. Arundhati Roy in India has taken strong stance against on Kashmir issue and the Indian media allowed her to express his view before the public. He said we will establish cordial relationship with international community after our freedom, but we will not allow anyone to decide our fate and take our liberty.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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