Balochistan: 3 killed, 6 disappeared within 24 hours

| by A special Correspondent in Balochistan

( 01 March 2012, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) Within last 24 hours, 3 Balochs have been shot dead, 6 Balochs forcefully disappeared while bodies of 2 were recovered from different areas of Balochistan. This seemingly unending wave of violence being committed by Pakistan in Balochistan is being covered by Pakistan’s claims of reconciliation with the Baloch nation, which is struggling against the illegal occupation of their motherland by Pakistan since March 1948.
According to details two young Baloch students were gunned down today in broad daylight in the district Khuzdar of Balochistan. Abdul Waheed Baloch (who turns 20 today) and Salman Baloch (21) were on their way home from a cell phone franchise when they were intercepted and shot dead by alleged gunmen of Baloch Musalla Diffa Tanzeem, a death squad operated by Pakistan Army to target kill and abduct the educated and the more socially active class of the Baloch society. . Abdul Waheed was the younger brother of Kabir Baloch, who went missing on 27th March, 2009 and is still in custody of Pakistan Army.
Whereas Bilal Bangulzai, nephew of Khuda Rahim Bangulzai, who too was a victim of Pakistan army’s genocidal acts in Balochistan, was the third victim who was shot dead by the Pakistan army. Bilal Bangulzae while trying to escape an attempt of being forcefully disappeared by Pakistan army in Quetta was fired upon and he couldn’t survive the wounds, while two of his friends who were accompanying him were taken away by the forces and were shifted to an unknown place.
Among the six forcefully disappeared included Abdul Wajid Baloch, a marine sciences student and a columnist at Daily Tawar, Asaap and Intekhab. He is also the cousin of Baloch Republican Party’s Sher Muhammad Baloch who was formerly torture murdered by Pakistan army. Abdul Wajid was abducted while he was on his way to Uthal University from his hometown Mand, his vehicle was stopped at Pasni zero point by Pakistan army and he was forcefully taken away to an unknown location.
Similarly three other Balochs, whose names couldn’t yet be verified were abducted from Chatan Pati area in Jaffarabad. They were travelling in a public wagon, when the wagon was stopped by plain clothed men bearing modern arms, who identified themselves as personals of Pakistan army, the plain clothed men asked for the identities of every passenger present and then forcefully took the three away with them, the men also threatened the passengers of dire consequences if they disclosed the incident publicly.
Meanwhile, two dead bodies were found, each from Chagi and Mastung. The body found in Chagi was 20 days old and barely recognizable, and was shifted to Prince Fahd Hospital Dalbanden for identification. Whereas the second body was of a person whose presumably someone above 50 years of age, his body which bore signs of torture was found from the Dasth area of Mastung and was shifted to Civil Hospital Quetta.
It is worth mentioning that Pakistan is double crossing the international community by claiming to reconcile with the Baloch nationalists and denying the human rights abuses that it’s committing in Balochistan, whereas on the other hand it has continued its policies of the slow genocide of Baloch people. The time has come for the international community and humanitarian organizations to intervene in Balochistan and put an end to the Pakistani state’s brutalities against the indigenous Baloch populace.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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