Balochistan boycott the Pakistani Urdu news channel

Baloch nationalist’s boycotted Pakistan sponsored electronic media
( February 02, Quetta, Sri Lanka Guardian) All major Baloch nationalist parties including Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal) and the Baloch Students Organization BSO Mohuddin boycotted the urdu news channel in various major cities including provincial capital Quetta.
“How we don’t boycott th Pakistani news channels Baloch people are facing the wrath of the Media for its silence in Balochistan issue,” Agha Hassan Baloch of BNP Mengal said, adding that on the one hand the rulers had launched the military operation and on the other media turns a deep ear over this issue “us to sit and watch with those elements involved in the excesses against Baloch people”. Said BNP mengal secretary.
The leadership of these nationalists parties and BSO believes that the government should have convened different talk shows, programs and seminars on the Balochistan issue where target killings, sectarian violence and kidnappings of national leaders, students and journalists have become a routine matter. They say the electronic and print media are oblivious to the gravity of the situation in the province.
“if Pakistani media was serious to show Balochistan real picture today the situation in Balochistan may have become better BSO chairman added.”
The Balochistan national party mengal ( BNP) decided not to let the major Urdu news channel like Dawn news, Geo news, Ary one world, Saama TV and Aaj to run mainly because of the Balochistan situation, BNP leader said. He went on to say that electronic media had not taken the issue of Balochistan seriously. He said the party had before proposed to major Urdu news channel to convene programs on target killings, sectarian violence, kidnappings of Baloch youth and recovery of decomposed bodies from various parts of the province, but to no avail.
However, BNP leaderships said if the media takes the Balochistan issue seriously their party will surely let them operate their channels in Balochistan.
‘Four or five nationalists being killed in Balochistan daily but silence of Pakistani media is out of mind he said’
The security situation in the neighboring province of Balochistan is turning from bad to worse as between four and five nationalists are allegedly being killed by security forces on a daily basis in a province where the inhabitants are poverty-stricken, yet the land is rich in natural as well as mineral resources.
Sources claimed that more than 315 people had been killed in Balochistan over the last four or five months. Most of those activists that were targeted belong to the, BNP (M), BRP, BNM and the Baloch Students Organization (Azad).
At last Agha Hassan Baloch of BNP mengal asked the national media to clear its policy towards the Balochistan issue.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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