Balochistan: Demonstration against Pak regime in Karachi

( May 01, 2012, Karchi, Sri Lanka Guardian) A protest was held against the operation of Pakistani security force in Geebin village in Turbat in front of Karachi press club. In which a large number of youngsters, elders, men, women and children had taken part. Protesters had banners and play cards in their hands which were decorated with the slogans against the state terrorism in Balochistan. Leaders said while addressing the ocudience that security forces surrounded a house of a person naming Shahsawar in giben village and launched a operation , on Friday morning at 5 am; where they attacked with latest weapons and mortars shells violating the sheet to wall, by which the whole place reverberated. Four sons of balochistan soil, Mohammad aslam s/o shahsawar r/o giben , Mohammad Hassan baloch s/o sher Mohammad r/o dagaari kuhn , Adam baloch s/o mayar r/o kros thank dasht and ali baloch s/o Mohammad r/o giben have been killed, who were present in shahsawar’s house.
 Forces continued operation for six hours, taking the area blockade, by which the whole area was trapped. There was atmosphere of fear because of the brutality of state security forces. People were extremely frightened. Security forces and intelligences agencies made the people to suffer from the mental state in Balochistan. It has become usual to kidnap the people, throw their place bodies, launch the operation on common people and bomb on them. Operation is continuously launched in khoistan-e-marri and it surrounding areas. Instead of reduction in the incidents of forces kidnapping and recovery of mutilated bodies, these incidents are getting acceleration day by day, by which it may be estimated that Balochistan could be facing human crisis in upcoming days. The circumstances of Balochistan are getting serious day by day. The incidents of human rights violation have been intensified by the state institution, despite these the silence of united nation and world’s human right’s organization is beyond thinking. The responsibilities of united nation and human rights organizations are only confined to publish report and to show concern about the incidents, when the are unable to take any action.
Baloch can not expect from Pakistan to follow the observance of human rights, by observing immoderation inside in Pakistan .
State institutions are neither committed with international laws nor their own made.
We appeal to international human rights claimants and the countries co-operate with Pakistan that they should take practical steps to compel Pakistan to follow regulation of human rights.
We appeal to international human rights institutions and the countries to aid Pakistan that they should subject their aid to human rights so that Pakistan may not use the money against Baloch nation. Which she gets in the name of aid and to end the human rights violations in the region.
We appeal to international aid agencies to step forward to help the areas affected by military operations.
We appeal to international media to come to Balochistan and focus the whole situation by their own. And respond to their responsibilities about the region.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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