Beware of Dr.Subramaniya Swamy

| by L.Annadoure

( February 24, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) The patriarch in the Bharthiya Janata Party Mr.LK.Advani has conferred on the National president of Janata Party Dr.Subramaniya Swamy the title of ‘Man of the series’ for his efforts having been made in exposing some scandals, corruption and scams in government dealings and the Janata Party communiqué would add yet another matter in the series which is the proposed purchase of Rafale fighter Aircraft from Dassault a French company which manufactures fighter Aircrafts, by the Defense Ministry , Government of India. So long as there is not mala fide intention lurking in the recess of his mind and there is nothing up his sleeves then exposition of the corrupt practice and dealings in Government may evoke some appreciation but if the motives and intentions behind such exposition of corrupt affairs were to smack of sinister designs then there shall be nothing significant about his effort and exertions.
A political meeting has been held on 11.2.2012 in Madurai with a view to expose the issue over the 2 G Spectrum where Dr.Subramaniya Swamy has struggled hard to speak in Tamil and he has been saying that ‘the LTTE were traitors of Tamils; LTTE had killed Rajiv Gandhi; Rajiv Gandhi did so much for the welfare of Tamils; he had conducted Election; he had made Varadha Raja Perumal as chief Minister and had it been thus continued then a separate Eelam would have been established’. The Tamils in Sri Lanka who are suffering a lot know pretty well the falsity of such statements. What can now be said is that being an influential man he may as well take efforts to establish Tamil Eelam. Let bygones be bygones. Let Dr.Subramniya Swamy use his good offices in influencing his friend the President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe to take steps to fulfill the aspiration of Tamils and the Tamils who have had laid their lives for the cause and in the aforesaid meeting he has flattered himself and bragged about the welfare measures which he has been doing for the Tamils once in a while but there is no knowing as to what exactly are the welfare measures which he has done and which he been speaking of.
Dr.Subramniniya Swamy – File Photo
Dr.Subramniniya Swamy has been invited by his friend the President of Sri Lanka Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksha at the beginning of second week, Feb.2012; he has come over Sri Lanka and he has secretly met him and both held a parley in regard to what should be done to tide over the exigency of situation that is the proposed taking up of human rights issue in the forthcoming session in the Human Rights Council and it can be seen that both of them have come to clear understanding as per which Dr.Subramniya Swamy has to wield his influence over the American president.
No sooner Dr.Subramnaiya Swamy has arrived home then he has released a press note commending the award of Bharat Ratna on the President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe for having committed genocide on Tamils. It is common knowledge that Bharat Ratna award is an highest civilian award bestowed on Indians for artistic, literary, scientific achievements and as well awarded in recognition of public service of highest order. Earlier Bharat Ratna has been awarded in favour of Abdul Ghaffar Khan who strove for freedom from British Imperialism, preached non violence and strictly adhered it, spoke against blood feuds and factionalism in the Pashtoons and he was against autocratic/dictatorial regimes in Pakistan.Bharat Ratna was conferred on Nelson Mandela who paved the way for a new generation of leaders and the emergence of democratization in Africa and returning justice and democracy to South Africa and in doing so, he became an inspiration for Africans and for peoples the world over and therefore such a statement made by Dr.Subramaniya Swamy is not only mischievous but highly contemptible and in all he is traitor to the cause of the Tamils and inimical to their interest.
Dr.Subramaniya Swamy is said to have met the American President Mr. Barack Obama on 16th Feb 2012 at Monterey Bay along the pacific coast in the central California and the purpose of his visitation is to persuade the American President so to whittle down the human rights issue and in reality Dr.Subramaniya Swamy is instrumental for legions of woes that befell the Tamils. The issues and matters that have been discussed about in the said meeting is yet to be known for sure but nevertheless it could certainly be gleaned from his acts and deeds. The question that arise in the minds of Tamils is why should Dr.Subramaniya Swamy take so much pains in meeting the president Mr.Mahinda Rajapakshe secretly and subsequently meeting the American President when Dr.Subramniya Swamy is evincing antagonism towards Tamils in general? Tamil Leaders must be cautious enough and they should refrain from reposing confidence on Dr.Subramaniya Swamy so as to safeguard their interest and not to discuss any matters that may concern the Tamils in Sri Lanka.
Dr.Subramniya Swamy has been acting hand in glove with the Sri Lankan Government .Why it is being said so is that there has been a proposal to purchase 80 Interception Boats from Cey Nor Foundations which is a limited liability company registered in Sri Lanka, by the Defense Ministry Government of India meant for the use of Indian Coast Guard for an amount 67 Million Dollars and Dr.Subramniya Swamy who would pose and self style himself as the only guardian born to protect the interests of the Indian Government has to necessarily explain and clarify the lingering doubt as to why he has been privy in suppressing the information and it is also understood that ‘Boat Building Technology Improvement Institute’, Sri Lanka, which is a Government funded concern is said to have exported boats to India.
The information in respect of the deals or contracts to purchase of boats would not have escaped his notice and knowledge. India being a maritime Nation has several boat building establishments which are capable of buildings boats to any specifications that might have been set by the Defense Ministry but one is at loss to fathom the mystery behind the contract entered quite surreptiously in purchasing the boats only from Sri Lanka. If the contract has been finalized, over and done with then the Man of the series may alone be able to reveal the secrets and in the event of the proposal having not been materialized then he should ask the Indian Government to place order for manufacture of boats with any Indian Boat building concerns and Dr.Subramaniya Swamy must also probe into the statement made by the Sri Lankan Government as regard to the export of boats to India from the Boat Building Technology Improvement Institute, Sri Lanka. It is a shame that the Indian Government should purchase interception Boats and other boats from Sri Lanka whose economy so indebted and totter limpingly to a dismal collapse! Dr.Subramaniya Swamy used to say often that ‘when it comes to Government making a choice, all alternatives have to be fairly considered and after having so considered the decision has to made’. When it comes anything to do with Sri Lanka Dr.Subramaniya Swamy will keep silent .Will Dr.Subramaniya Swamy Act forthwith?


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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