Blocking of Sri Lanka News websites

| Ranjith Henanayake Arachchi
On behalf of International Network of Sri Lankan Diaspora (INSD)

(November 08, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) In Sri Lanka, at this moment severe violations of Human Rights & oppression against the Media is continued. For the past few years Media freedom eroded and the Journalists compelled to face various oppressions. At his moment the oppression is extended beyond the borders and Websites are also suppressed by various means.

For the past few days, many Sri Lankan News Websites were obstructed and some pro Government Communication Institutions directly censored them without any legal ground. This is a very serious situation and the right to information of the people is violated. Especially the Sri Lankans living in abroad were able to reach the News on Sri Lanka through the News Web sites. Through the censorship of Sri Lankan government the Sri Lankans live outside Sri Lanka are prohibited to reach the Sri Lankan News. In the meantime Media freedom is suppressed.
In order to safeguard the narrow political ambitions of the Sri Lankan government, the state power is misused and censorship is imposed on a drastic manner. As Sri Lankans living in abroad, we from the International Network of Sri Lankan Diaspora (INSD) vehemently condemned this act against Media freedom.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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