Body of missing Baloch leader found near Turbat

( February 14, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) Brutally and tortured bullet riddled body of a Baloch Republican Party was found dead today here in Murghap area of Turbat Balochistan.
Comrade Sana Baloch the former vice chairman of Baloch Students Organisation (BSO AZAD) was abducted by Pakistani intelligence on 12 December 2009 some two years back, He was abducted from Kolapure area of district Bolan some 50 kilometers far away from provincial capital Quetta, from that day his whereabouts remained unknown.
comrade sana Baloch’s father is on hunger strike at Karachi press club for the last 40 days in Karachi press club. Comrade Sana the young man told be the senior central committee member of Nawabzada Brahamdag khan’s party The BRP.
Baloch Republican party sources added that comrade Sana’s body was found dead today in the early hours of morning in murghaap area of district Turbat, The place where up till now 23 bullets riddled bodies of different Baloch youths found dead. Eye witnesses from district Turbat told us the body bore signs of extreme torture and bullet wounds. Sources from Turbat told Comrade’s stomach was ripped and intestines were taken away, like the non muslims did with the uncle of prophet Muhammad PBUH hazrat Ameer Hamza. The body illustrated the savageness of so called Islamic Republic of Pakistan.
Baloch activists and leaders are of the opinion that US Congressional Hearing on Balochistan has irritated Pakistan and her security agencies, presumably, once again want to accelerate kill and dump policy in Balochistan.
Pakistan’s kill and dump policy towards Baloch nation continues without any hinder and with International impunity. Chairman for voice of Baloch missing persons (VBMP) urged the international human rights organization and media to hinder Pakistan killing the innocent Baloch students, journalists, political workers and lawyers.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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