Brahamdag Khan Bugti says resolution tabled in US house of Representative is a good step

( February 23, Quetta, Sri Lanka Guardian)  An exiled Baloch political leader and BRP president Nawabzada Brahamdag khan Bugti welcome the resolution tabled in US house of representative seeking right to self-determination for Balochistan. Nawabzada Brahamadag Bugti in a telephonic press conference said this from Switzerland

Mr. Bugti in telephonic press conference rejected the Balochistan package and said all parties’ conference is not the solution of Baloch issue. Mr. Bugti urged the chief minister of Balochistan and other major Baloch political parties to render their services for Baloch national movement. Mr. Bugti while speaking in telephonic conference added” On one hand dead bodies were being handed over to the Baloch people and on the other hand the rulers are convening the conference”

Mr. Bugti criticized the government for not letting the international media and NGOs in Balochistan and dera bugti areas. At last Mr. Bugti said his party wouldn’t participate in APC called by Prime Minister Gillani.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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