Bring Tamil detainees under rehabilitation schemes

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( January 26, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Bring the 800 odd Tamil detainees under rehabilitation schemes. While relieving the detainees from the fear they face today, it would also be a goodwill sign to the Tamil people at this hour of national reconciliation. Democratic People’s Front leader Mano Ganesan made this appeal to president Mahinda Rajapaksa.
Release from DPF media office further said on Ganesan’s letter sent to president today,
Initial stages of the riots in the magazine prison complex sent fear waves amidst the Tamil community. It reminded the attacks Tamil detainees faced in the past. However relatives of the detainees were relieved when they learned that it was not on ethnic basis. The rapid transfer of the Tamil detainees from Magazine to other locations is a positive action taken by the authorities. It demonstrated the vulnerability of the Tamil detainees in the prisons and also of the government’s awareness on the unique nature of the Tamil detainees issue. This alertness needs to be extended further.
Tamil detainees had faced attacks over 13 times at various prisons and detention centers all over the country since year 1983. Many of these attacks had been very fatal. We do not need any such at this hour.
Former LTTE cadres are being rehabilitated and released to the society. The government should also bring the long held Tamil political detainees under the rehabilitation programs. Parliament should formulate new laws if necessary. There are family members of these detainees living in north east and in all parts of the country. Bringing the Tamil political detainees under rehabilitation programs will be a goodwill sign to the Tamil community at large in this hour of national reconciliation.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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