Call for Pakistan-Bangladesh reconciliation

An open letter to Mr. Imran Khan,Chairman , Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf

| by William Gomes

(December 17, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) I am William Gomes, a Bangladeshi Journalist and Human Rights Activist. I am closely observing political activities for years.

Pakistan Movement for Justice is merging among the young Pakistani people all, where ever they are. Very recently I had a chance to talk with young Pakistani lady , who had titled you as her hero and the only possible next prime minister, its not a single incident ,I have chance to witness more than 100 young Pakistani individuals of different profession who had already decided to vote you and dreaming you as the next prime minister of Pakistan.

For uncounted souls you are a agent of change.
Mr. Khan, I welcome you for the promise to continue to be an agent of positive change for the people of Pakistan.
I always stand by the side of the people who stands by the people with justice and peace.
French philosopher Blaise Pascal said “Justice and power must be brought together, so that whatever is just may be powerful, and whatever is powerful may be just.”
I hope you when you will be in power as prime minister you will bring Justice and power together so that your ruling remain just.
Mr. Khan, I welcome the decision that your party has declared to hold its December 25 rally in Karachi even if the Pakistani government does not cooperate.
I highly condemn the ruling the government for such arbitrary and undemocratic approach towards to the political opponent and the decision to is a clear violations of the “Freedom of Assembly”.The approach towards your party again proves that the ruling government is fully undemocratic in actions.
Mr. Khan, you have choose a very significance day for the Karachi rally, the day itself is a blessings for the whole humanity. I wish your promises for the people of Pakistan will remain until the end of your life.
Mr. Khan, while the whole Bangladesh is celebrating its 40 years of victory, on the very day I am writing to you with hope for peace and reconciliation.
In the popular history it was narrated like this on December 16,1971, the Pakistani Army surrendered to the Indo-Bangladeshi High Command in Dhaka, ending the 9 month-long Bangladesh Liberation War.
The popular history book noted that During the war there were widespread killings and other atrocities – including the displacement of civilians in Bangladesh (East Pakistan at the time) and widespread violations of human rights – carried out by the Pakistan Army with support from political and religious militias, beginning with the start of Operation Searchlight on 25 March 1971.
But it That is not all; the people’s history was not narrated in the books, the popular history is still spreading hatred among the people of Bangladesh and Pakistan.In both country people’s history were not noted and taught academically.
The war cost million of life of both country , many freedom fighter of Bangladesh had also violated the international law of war and done atrocity against the then Pakistani forces. The Bangladeshi Freedom fighter were also accused of rape , loot and other forms violations.
The arrogant power greedy political leader Sheikh Mujibur Rahman falsely claimed that three million people were killed during the war. While the impertial Hamoodur Rahman Commission, an official Pakistan Government investigation, put the figure as low as 26,000 civilian casualties.
This is a very significant day , On 16 December 1971, the allied forces of the Indian army and the Mukti Bahini defeated the West Pakistani forces deployed in the East. The resulting surrender was the largest in number of prisoners of war since World War II.
Yes ! The largest number of prisoner of war . Notable number unarmed Pakistani forces and their Bangladeshi alies were murdered by the Bangladeshi freedom fighters extrajudicially , which was noted in the popular history of Bangladesh nor in Pakistan. The Bangladeshi freedom fighter have done a wide atrocities during and after the war.
The leadership in Pakistan were very open minded that following its defeat, it ensured prompt recognition of the newly independent state of Bangladesh.
It is historically true atrocities and the war crimes committed by the then Pakistani armed forces, their local agents and Bangladeshi freedom fighters .
Mr.Khan , I am rasing all these things because it plays a vital role in the terms of bilateral relations between two friendly countries.
Mr. Khan , it was never brought in light who were the key people behind creating the atmosphere of war.
Mr.Khan , after 40 years of separation , the nations keep spreading the hatred against each other , the young generations in both country was misinterpreted about the war in 1971 and that results the young generations of both country to hate each other.
Mr. Khan, it is not the people who spread the hatred but the same force who were behind unwanted war of 1971 is engeniring the hatred between two countries.
Mr.Khan , the war is over but vested forces are still active in intellectual war and for decades the veseterd forces has been successful to keep the people of two nations in intellectual battle . That have created distance between people of both countries . While the vested forces remain successful on their divide and rule principle.
Mr.Khan , Bangladesh government historically claimed that they had fought for the rights.Still the people is fighting for their rights, while the political leaders and their allies are getting richer every day, the poor become poorer every day.
The 1971 war was and remain very profitable for the then power and position greedy leaders such as Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and their ansectors and the following so called leaders of the nation.
Mr.Khan , Bangladesh claimed that they have achieved freedom. Yes ! Bangladesh is free from Pakistan ! But in reality freedom is a day dream in Bangladesh. Bangladesh government claims that they are democratic while the reality is there is democracy for few elite on the cost of many.
Mr.Khan , the killing process continues, the state become Bangladesh is a dysfunctional state. Bangladesh government had started war on people. The law enforcement agencies are killing the people and duping the dead bodies in river. The situations are not different than 1971 , on that time there were dead bodies every floating in the river and roads and now a days the law enforcements agencies are killing the innocent people and dumping on the river and the sea . Bangladesh government has declared on war on its own people. Bangladesh is on war on its own people.
Mr.Khan , the ruling government is the main force to spread hatred against Pakistani people and I firmly stand against any kind of division and hatred , I do stand for love , justice and peace.
Mr.Khan , ruling party is on their political drive against their main political opponent in the name of performing War Crimes Trial naming the trail as “crime against humanity’.
Mr.Khan , I urge you and to the people of Pakistani that the people of both country need justice. It is time to seek justice.
Mr.Khan , it was not only the then Pakistani Army and auxiliary forces had done atrocity but their are records even after surrender the unarmed Pakistani army personal faced atrocities by the highly armed freedom fighters.
Mr.Khan , I call you to stand for the Pakistani people who is family and friends had faced atrocities by the Bangladeshi freedom fighters during the war in 1971. I also urge you Please do not let the perpetrators of the then Pakistani military who were involved in war crimes .
I call to the people of Pakistan , to their voice ,to stand for justice.
Mr.Khan , I urge you , recall the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report.
Mr.Khan, the Commission had examined nearly 300 witnesses and hundreds of classified army signals between East and West Pakistan. The final report was submitted on October 23, 1974, detailing political, administrative, military and moral failings of then Pakistan.
Mr. Khan, the secret report, never made public in Pakistan. I urge you; please call to authorities to release the report as soon as possible.
Mr. Khan, I firmly believe it was not the people of the then Pakistan who declared war against their own people, it was not the people who were on war against their own people. I also believe the brave families of the than Pakistani forces will stand and raise their voices and call for the justices to recall the atrocities done by Bangladesh freedom fighters . I also hope the Pakistani people will at large condemn and call for the trial of the Pakistani military forces who were involved in war crimes in 1971.
Mr. Khan , I am campaigning internationally , as a part of my international campaign , I urge you please ask the Pakistani government to relase the Hamoodur Rahman Commission report in public.
Mr. Khan, I urge you and to the People of Pakistan who were the forces behind the war of 1971. War its self is a crime against peace. I urge to the people please identify the forces who were forces behind the scene to set the people on war .
Please create a platform for the families of Pakistani soldiers who had faced unbelievable atrocities by the freedom fighters in Bangladesh and also bring the then Pakistani military personals who were involved in war crimes under law.
Mr. Khan, at the end I call for reconciliation of two countries for peace, to make an end to all kind of hatred.
Mr. Khan, I call to for unity, I call for justice and peace.
Mr. Khan, I promise by all means I will stand by the side of 1971.
Mr. Khan, I wish you all the very success.
Long live revolution!


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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