Carrying our Immigration Horoscopes with us

| by Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam

(October 22, Melbourne, Sri Lanka guardian) Yesterday (Oct.21, 2011) , I received from the Hon Malcolm Turnbull, a valuable Leader within our Federal Opposition, his October e-newsletter which included reference to his speech delivered to the London School of Economics “Same bed different dreams: the rise of Asia: a view from Australia” . Mr. Turnbull says ‘I argue that this complacency risks undermining the prosperity of future generations. ‘A key part of our response must be constantly to improve our skills, research and education.’
Our horoscope is written as per the planetary positions (global structures) at the time of birth and their influence on us is read accurately by experts. This is in fact like the University system. Those who believe in the system are able to use it positively.

This morning, I received from United Nations the following message ‘MIGRANTS MUST BE TREATED WITH DIGNITY AND RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, UN EXPERT SAYS’ (Full message is in Appendix 1)

Noting that the Vice Chancellor of the University of New South Wales, Professor Fred Hilmer was one of the leaders referred to by Mr. Turnbull, I wrote as follows: ‘Malcolm, as per my direct experience with the University of NSW, an Asian migrant sharing her wisdom in democratic management practices, would be persecuted by senior management. This has not been corrected as far as I am concerned by Professor Fred Hilmer. Common Belief is required where an institution’s management is not efficient enough to use appropriate merit basis to recognize and value work of all investors. There were many unjust persons holding high positions in the UNSW system and I do not have any reason to believe that it has changed since Professor Hilmer took over the position of Vice Chancellor. If you know that there have been progressive changes towards democratic management, I would like to know about it. Until then it would be counter-productive to attract Asians. As per my experience, my pain and loss did not get wasted, due to my belief in myself. The Bruce Hall matter confirmed to me that I also had acted as a good migrant to register my feelings about the problems at UNSW, so they had the opportunity to look at themselves. I was punished severely over this. I am now stronger for the experience, due to my faith in Truth / God. But until UNSW shows remorse, they would take a very long time to partner Asians on Equal footing. We need this for our harmony. Those of us who believe/d in that system naturally influence the ‘happenings’ that are beyond the direct control of custodians of power. Otherwise, 9/11 pain would have been prevented by true Americans. What happens would happen as per those who have control over physical powers. But how we receive it is as per our own belief and thinking. Institutions such as the UNSW carry a bad horoscope when going into Democratic Multicultural Management. They need to do much more than others to be successful and feel fulfillment in their hearts and minds. Their glittering name is not gold.’
My above expressions confirm that when it comes to University and Immigration, I am my own leader. I became my own leader by contributing to the Australian University system and the Australian Immigration system – much more than my ‘horoscope’/DNA said I would.
Our horoscope is written as per the planetary positions (global structures) at the time of birth and their influence on us is read accurately by experts. This is in fact like the University system. Those who believe in the system are able to use it positively. To those who genuinely work and derive benefits as per their current costs – it is a business enterprise. To many it is an avenue to express their superstition/imagination. The mother of a Tamil daughter who married a White Australian said to me in relation to her daughter’s depression (contributed to also by the Australian University & Immigration systems) ‘I checked her horoscope and accordingly – this was meant to happen. According to her horoscope she will be alright and do well in ten years’ time.’ I then asked that mother ‘When your daughter wanted to marry this white Australian you vehemently opposed it. Why did you not accept that also as her ‘destiny’ – as read through her horoscope???’ To me, leaving something to the horoscope is like abandoning a disease to genes / DNA. The answer to the problem is in the DNA. It could be accessed through belief in that previous system. It cannot be cured by direct application of the current system. Likewise, the opportunities indicated in a good horoscope cannot be directly applied to derive current benefits. They are for guidance and not for direct application.
When we migrate from one environment to another that is vastly different – it is like death and rebirth. When we die, we take only our belief and Truth – the ‘genes’ – with us and not the physical details. In death – this consolidation happens through God’s system. In migration we have to do it as individuals – if we are to find more peace in our new environments. The new system may or may not help us. If we know our DNA/ horoscope at the end of our previous life – it would make it easier for us to place ourselves in the appropriate level/part of our new society. For example, migrants who are still driven by the physical cultures of their home countries, need to run parallel to the other cultures and not meet and run opposite. Those who carry only the genes and not details of past – need to meet the oldies in the new environments (such as Mr. Howard) and run in opposite direction to complete their own cycle of Truth – using the immigration and other administrative systems as facilities and not be ‘given’. We need to keep active until we complete the cycle as independent migrant owners. Otherwise, we are likely to become depressed like the above daughter and the officers in Australian Armed Forces or hyperactive and hoard money as many politicians do in both my countries.
Running Parallel is about Diversity and is achieved through Community Based structures. Running Opposite is about integration as Equal Halves. Both are needed in Democracy.
Most old age parents – especially mothers from Sri Lanka are at risk of getting depressed. If their children seek to assimilate with wider society – these parents often get isolated. Parents of this category living in Sri Lanka, whose children live outside Sri Lanka – largely for economic purposes – are also in this group. Immigration therefore divides and separates those who are attached to their past.
In any environment, one who is able to work that environment naturally is the real owner. Real owners, like lovers, recognize each other without needing proof. Where we need proof / reason, we are apparent owners and / or knowledge based owners. Owners who due to physical possession believe that they are the true owners would lose the value of ownership if they physically migrate. Hence Prescription Rights in some countries to discourage hoarding through legal ownership/knowledge and abandoning the property at physical level. This applies to immigration also. If migrant positions are merely taken up for legal / knowledge purposes and then we start living like mainstream – illegal occupants / boat people have the right to use it – but only through belief. The moment they start relying on legal avenues – they lose the value of their belief and therefore in the alternate system of migration. Sri Lankan Government that has not moved to repeal the Prescription Ordinance 22 of 1871, trying to help the Australian Government to stop the Boat People – is like the Blind leading the Sleep-walker.
Those who think they are owners because the system through which they think they are owners says so are knowledge based owners. If that system – which usually is the legal system – is different in the new environment – in theory and/or practice – they also would lose value. Those who carry ownership genes – i.e. – those who have actually worked and sacrificed more than the value of benefits they derive from the asset / environment – are universal / global citizens. They would work any land anywhere.
The UN report says ‘Mr. Crépeau, a Canadian law professor who acts in an independent capacity and reports to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council, said irregular migration is not a crime.
“Crossing borders may be in violation of the law, but it is an abstract violation of it, since moving from one country to the other does not per se hurt or endanger anyone else,” he added.’
A global conscious person would identify with the above. But if an Australian Immigration Administrator identified with this, s/he would no longer be an Administrator particular to Australia. Many retired Australian as well as migrant leaders do this with little regard for the position that helped them have the attention of the public. S/he would automatically reduce the value of her/his position. One who identifies with this naturally below the level of work needed by the administrative position is the parallel of a voter. One who identifies with this after fulfilling her/his duty in an Administrative position is a Governor. Getting from one to the other is life in Public Service.
The difference between the two is the difference between a process teacher working for a living and an academic that Professor Crépeau is stated to be. In terms of Immigration, my experiences at the University of NSW say that Australian Academics are continuing to be driven by their horoscopes – drawn up as per their karma (essence of our work) during White Australia living. They are the source of xenophobic discourses. Xenophobia is the other side of claustrophobia. Former is due to desire for limited space and latter is due to fear of limited space.
Migrants who are already in Australia, feeling Australian are the ones who would naturally lead new migrants. Others need to consciously apply and assess on merit basis – through avenues based on ‘current’ work – such as employment and living in detention as per Australian rules. Hence the move to change to Business Unit approach in managing Public Service. I recall helping Health Service staff in Canada seeking to move towards such a system – a couple of years ago. That is migration from one system to another. Whilst democracy is a more open and transparent system it must not damage the deeper work by those who have stayed in one place.
Using Australia’s current problem – the Boat People – if a migrant believes that the DNA s/he was born with in her/his country of birth, has changed dramatically, s/he would naturally consolidate and forget the old details and carry only its DNA. Our Horoscopes come complete with their solutions. They tell us our status in relation to our new environment. If our old life were true – then our current status would also be true. Those of us who believe in rebirth believe that our current life is as per our past and that our future would be as per our present. We need to get it right in our present – for our children to have a good DNA in a global environment.
Australian Government has NOT sealed its borders. There are anti-immigration discussions and actions happening all the time in Australia. Discrimination based on Race is anti-immigration. That is reality in Australia – including within our University system. Like with Sri Lankan leaders driven by majority power – custodians of power would be reluctant to shift towards Equal Opportunity when in doubt. Habitually, as per their DNA – they would tend to take the superior position. Like with Mankind having DNA, these positions also have their DNA and unless they are restructured to include Equal Opportunity principles and values, these custodians of power would like by their past – as Colonel Gaddafi did. UN also has the Superiority DNA. To my mind, it happens as per the money and status of its majority donor. One who is truly independent and therefore universal would naturally take the appropriate position in a forum/environment to complete the work of that forum/environment and help it merge to become global/universal.
As in recruitment, we need Belief basis as well as Merit Basis in immigration, and not just belief basis. To be successful, belief basis needs to be applied on behalf of majority and merit basis needs to be objective and transparent in its application by anyone. To open our borders without appropriate merit based assessment on the current behavior of the community migrants come from – would lead Australia to become a haggling market place. It is easier for a White Australian to believe s/he is an Australian than it is to a non-white. But even if One non-white migrant believes – Australia is a good country – albeit – through hard bottom up work. Such a migrant would from then on carry the Global DNA. The rights and wrongs as seen by that migrant would naturally be the merit based system of that environment from then on until there is another system change. Natural Justice would recognize such a person’s work for ‘Acts of God’. Smart thinkers would include such as person – so they could win at global level .

Appendix 1
New York, Oct 21 2011 1:05PM
Stressing that migration is in the DNA of humankind and dignity has no nationality, a United Nations expert today called for a balanced approach based on equal rights, non-discrimination and dignity, as well as reality, in light of increasingly xenophobic statements.
“Sealing the borders is a fantasy; migration happens and we have to live together,” UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants François Crépeau told the General Assembly’s third committee, emphasizing that so-called illegal immigration is not a crime since in itself it does not cause victims.
“Migration is in the DNA of mankind, is how we cope with environmental threats, with political oppression, but also with our desire to create a meaningful future for ourselves and our children.”
Warning that xenophobic discourse on migration is increasingly gaining ground in many countries, he pointed to a lack of push-back and of a “credible political counter-discourse.” The difficulty of migrants, especially those in irregular situations, to organize themselves and be able to convince relevant constituencies of their cause partly explains why anti-immigrant rhetoric continues to thrive, he said.
“We are all migrants and as such are contributing to the global economy and to global cultural diversity,” he noted. “How many of us live today in the city of birth of our grandparents? Not many. We are all children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren of migrants. Rare are those who have settled in one and the same place for numerous generations.”
Mr. Crépeau, a Canadian law professor who acts in an independent capacity and reports to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Council, said irregular migration is not a crime.
“Crossing borders may be in violation of the law, but it is an abstract violation of it, since moving from one country to the other does not per se hurt or endanger anyone else,” he added.
“Migration concerns us all and no State can escape from its obligations under international human rights law to protect and ensure respect for the human rights of migrants, irrespective of their migration status. We often apply to foreigners, legal standards that we would abhor if they were applied to our sons and daughters,” he stressed, voicing concern at administrative detention of migrants resulting in long periods without access to legal representation or review.
Recalling that “dignity has no nationality,” he reiterated the shared responsibility of all for ensuring respect for the human rights of migrants. The principle of equal rights for all means that migrants must never be discriminated against because of their “foreignness,” he said.

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