CJ walks out with her lawyers after insulting remarks of Weerawansa and Dilan Perera

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( December 7, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) After the special Parliamentary select Committee convened today to hear the impeachment inquiry , at 2.30 p.m. , the chief Justice (CJ) and her lawyers staged a walk out in protest.
PC Romesh De Silva the chief of the panel of Lawyers for the CJ addressing the Committee said , they have no faith in this Select Committee ,before staging the walk out.
The President who summoned the 7 Govt. representatives of the Select Committee yesterday had warned them that before the Supreme Court (SC) decision on the 13th , this impeachment process shall be concluded and therefore , by the 8th somehow it must be finalized.
Already Dr. G L Peiris had finalized the impeachment verdict , and the CJ is being made guilty in respect of indictments 1,2,3,and 4, according to reports reaching Lanka e news. Indeed , yesterday the UNP representatives of the select Committee told the UNP leader that they must withdraw from this Select Committee , since the opposition proposals are treated with utter disdain and disregard by this Committee which is hell bent on serving the agenda of the Rajapakses , and not justice.
After the Committee began sessions at 2.30 p.m. , the CJ and her Lawyers appeared before the Committee. At the previous sitting the CJ’s lawyers raised preliminary objections that Govt. representatives , Rajitha Senaratne and Wimal Weerawansa cannot act impartially as members of this Committee.
The chairman of the Committee Anura Yapa today , however said, the Committee repudiates those allegations, and overruled the preliminary objections . The entire opposition group in one voice vehemently opposed this , and said , the Committee did not hold discussions in this regard, and hence that is only a decision of the Govt. group , since this issue was not discussed at all with the opposition representatives. The four opposition members stated that they endorse the preliminary objection raised by CJ’s Lawyers.
The Chairman then handed over to CJ’s Lawyers the files containing the evidence and documents relating to some charges in the impeachment that were distributed to the opposition representatives yesterday.
Thereafter , the CJ’s Lawyers stated they wanted the files relating to all the charges and not some. They also called for the evidence file and the list of the names of the witnesses who are to be called to give evidence.
When the lawyers asked for sufficient time to examine the files and documents pertaining to the 14 indictments , the Govt. group that is staging the select Committee puppet show , being puppets dancing to Rajapakse’s tune had no answer to give.When the controversy over this heated up , and feelings began to run irrationally high , the two members , Weerawansa and Dilan Perera who were treated as silly jokers by CJ’s lawyers recently because of their abysmal ignorance of even elementary laws, seized the opportunity to hurl abusive insolent words at the CJ and her Lawyers.
These two who have always been a disgrace to the Committee from the beginning , unleashed their characteristic barbaric fury . Grade 9 qualified Weerawansa remarked, ‘ nona (lady) , don’t try the pranks here what you try at Aluthkade’.
It is impossible to think that Weerawansa addressing the CJ in sarcastic and street urchin language was welcomed by others.
Since the discussions were turning into an uproar , Anura Yapa had to adjourn sittings for 15 mins . at 5.15 p.m. When the sittings resumed at 5.30 p.m., Yapa suddenly like a bolt from the blue began reading something which he called it the methodology , as though he was trying to beat the all Olympic record in speed reading. Again , he abruptly said , there will be no time given , and the next hearing will be tomorrow at 1.30 p.m. , and requested all to be present.
At this juncture , the CJ ‘s chief Lawyer PC Romesh De Silva cited five salient points:
1. This Select Committee has no proper defined methodology to inquire into these charges.
2. Though there is evidence in regard to some charges , there are no files or documents containing evidence relating to all the charges.
3. A file of all the individuals who are going to give evidence shall be forwarded.
4. Sufficient time shall be granted to carry out the tasks.
5. Based on the insults and abuses directed against the CJ (my client ) by the Committee members it is very clear they are prejudiced and not acting impartially . 
PC Romesh De Silva after citing the above five grounds , said as these requirements are not being fulfilled by this select Committee , and it is perceivable that a premeditated verdict is going to be delivered by this Committee , they have lost faith in its capacity to mete out justice. In the circumstances , he said ,they have decided not to participate in the Select Committee proceedings in the future. So saying , CJ and her Lawyers walked out .
Immediately thereafter the opposition representatives too walked out of the venue.
Following this incident , the Deputy Speaker told in Parliament that the Select Committee is issuing summons on the CJ to appear before the select Committee tomorrow at 1.30 p.m.

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