Cowardly attack on Bishop Rt Rev Dr Daniel Thiagarajah

“I stand on my rock-bound faith and will not be moved,” Bishop Daniel Thiagarajah

(December 12, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) During the recent visit to Australia of our bishop, the Rt Rev Dr Daniel Thiagarajah one question that was uppermost in the minds virtually in unison of his relatives, friends and a wide circle of Friends of the JDCSI was as to who could have masterminded such a cowardly crime of attacking him last September.
Some salient and significant facts of this predawn “happening” were that it was no mishap neither was it an ordinary road accident.
Certainly it was connived by whoever conspired to commit such a crime to look like a road accident. The injury to our bishop was not caused in the car in which he was traveling. He was dragged out from the back seat, attacked and then placed in the front seat. It is quite clear the car was crashed after the attack on the bishop. There were three people involved in the attack.
Obviously the driver of the car who was hired for this particular trip has a great deal to answer. The main question iswhether there was a car following all the way from Jaffna withthe intention of such an attack at an opportune moment on thehighway.
(The Morning Star ‘Uthayatharakai’ – Vol. 187, Jaffna, Friday Nov 2011 No 02-09)


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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