Divide & rule is the endless game of Sri Lanka

Serious rift between the HC and Deputy HC
| by Our Special Correspondent in London

(December 03, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Secret mission of the Sri Lanka High Commission (SLHC) in London to extend the government’s divide and rule agenda has come to the surface through the personal contacts made by the High Commissioner Dr Chris Nonis.
According to the source, frantic efforts are being made by the High Commission to secretly meet the Tamil diaspora activists in groups.
The source confirmed the High Commissioner wants to be listener of Tamil diaspora views on their concerning issues, including matters relating to political resolution to the conflict and also pressing matters to their heart.
Any discussions is said to come with the condition that the High Commissioner Dr Nonis will not provide answers to issues but only pass them on to External Affairs Ministry in Colombo.
A source approached by the Sri Lanka High Commission confirmed, the true purpose of the engagement is to progress on ‘rebuilding of communities agenda’ of the government.
K Pathmanathan, Minister Councillor of the SLHC (not LTTE’s arm’s procurer Kumaran Pathmanathan currently under luxury detention in Colombo) is said to clandestinely approaching the Tamils in to meet the High Commissioner.
According to information leaked, both the High Commissioner Dr Nonis and his deputy P M Amsa are at serious loggerhead since Dr Nonis assumed office recently. The source said, the career diplomat A M Amsa is struggling to work under a non career head and is said to be hostile to play a deputy role after serving as Acting High Commissioner for over six months before Dr Nonis’s appointment as High Commissioner.
The High Commission source further confirmed, to end the Tom and Jerry in-flights, the Deputy High Commissioner is expected to be recalled to Colombo to end the simmering tensions.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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