Douglas! Please do so.

| by Renga Subramaniam

( April 21, 2012, Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu, Sri Lanka Guardian) The paramilitary leader and the government minister Douglas Devananda has twirled another googly this time against India. His sycophantic googlies are endless and at the expense of innocent Tamils who are being subjugated endlessly, he is planning to venture into a suicidal boat mission to India.
His new adventure is to cross over to Rameswaram in India with 5,000 odd Tamil fishermen from Jaffna to protest over Indian fishermen poaching in the Sri Lankan waters.
Well! Well!! Well!!!
It appears Douglas’s posterior doesn’t stop making rudimentary dins to stir the air a bit. He has said many grand things with big media razzmatazz’s and only thing he has so far successfully executed is his paramilitary campaign of kidnappings, murders, rapes, illegal money laundering etc! etc!!
The culture of White Van abduction is the hall mark of this uncouth. He pioneered it and handed it over to Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse with a goodwill price tag and the culture is progressing endlessly.
When LTTE was alive and kicking, he claimed that he will give up politics when LTTE is defeated. It will be three years since LTTE military might is gone, this maverick is still continuing with his calculated game to becoming the kingmaker of Tamil politics hook or by crook.
His new challenge to cross over to India will be a daring one. If it happens, he will be escorted by the Sri Lankan Navy with the aerial security cover given by the Air Force up to the point of the maritime boundary in the Palk Straight. From there onwards to Rameswaram, he will be escorted by the Indian Navy. Tamil Nadu politicians Thirumavalavan, Viko, Nedumaran and scores of other Tamil leaders will be waiting with the scented garlands to welcome him.
Behind them will the Tamil Nadu police with the handcuffs and they will take him in the jeep to the Vellore jail to be produced before the Indian Courts. New and old criminal charges against the immoral guru will determine his future in the Indian jail.
Violating the Indian territorial waters will be the new criminal charge against him and other of course will be the pending case of shooting and killing and Indian citizen in the 1980’s and will go through its due process.
His diplomatic passport will be floating on the Palk Straight and if the Sri Lanka Commission hand him a new one still his fate will be decided in the Indian jail.
Well! Come on Devananda, hit the master stoke without waiting for too long. Unless you take a U turn from the maritime border, your fate will be a new life for you in the Indian jail.
I hope the Indian Navy will force its way into Sri Lankan waters and nick Douglas and deal with himaccording to the law of the land that he is absconding for many decades now.
I have ordered my garlands in Rameswaram and will be waiting for you there. Please don’t disappoint me my dear Douglas.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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