| by I. S. Senguttuvan

( May 09, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) For a country which Singapore’s founder Lee Kuan Yew (1965) wished as model for her then economic vigour and exemplary governance in the Asian region, now to gasping and on life-support pleading with the IMF/World Bank for periodical and virtual handouts gasping is nothing but unfortunate and unlucky – putting it mildly that is. Her economy going off the rails – with even the humble once Rs.3/50 per loaf (450 grams) of Bread now elevated to the level of a luxury item. The once stable Rupee sky-rocketing from Rs.100 a few months ago to Rs.136 for the US$ is an altogether different story that does not speak too handsomely of the Rajapakses rule or of the efficacy of their chosen Economic Czars. Ranil Wickramasinghe taunts the politically-appointed Central Bank Governor “Cabraal’s missiles are much more dangerous and brings regular and great suffering to the people” Another regular Rajapakse apologist – S.L. Gunasekera, Lawyer and former MP, finds a chord with rest of the country and declares “the entire dysfunctional Cabinet of Ministers are nothing but a set of buffoons” The situation has become so intolerable even Minister D.E.W. Gunasekera, unconventionally chairing the Parliament’s COPE Committee throws up his hands in exasperation and angrily exclaims “it is time the Govt does something to save the country. The economy is in a sorry mess” COPE, following propriety should be chaired by a member of the Opposition. People of different faiths and religions are at each others throats. A once tranquil nation, exacerbated by the rapidly declining economy, is overtaken by hatred and suspicion. Swords are being sharpened.
President Rajapakse
The people are relentlessly under attack from the very regime that came into power on their backs promising this, that and the other – soon too. Even much of the middle class is on 1-1/2 meals a day. While Milk, Eggs and vegetables are beyond the reach of the ordinary man one day, they are destroyed and thrown into the streets the other day while millions are in the edge of starvation. As to Eggs, many producers will close down due to over-production. Certainly, prices of eggs will move skywards in a few months time. A Canadian Millionaire Anthonypillai Mahendrarajah (53) comes home from the diaspora – relying on the regime’s assurance the counry is now safe and well for all returning Tamils. The man. reportedly owning several high-value properties valued in billions of dollars in Paranthan in the Mannar area – of much interest to several VVIPs – was found last week hacked to death. Close relatives say the man was followed by SLA men in civils from the time he arrived at Paranthan to inspect his properties. .All sufficient indication the once efficient system of governance and management are now things of the distant past. There is no government worth its name to speak of.
While nearly 10,000 once middle-class families are in the streets from 2008 – with a leading Captain of Trade and Industry defrauding them on a Pozi scam – the government washes its hands off their plight. Curiously, the very same assets of the fraud changed hands in a high profile stock-market deal where stocks of the defaulting financier is “traded” at nearly Rs.50 whereas the market, which finds its actual level a few days later, is less than Rs.30. The difference is in the billions of rupees. To assuage public rage and re-assured foreign investors the Big Boss makes it known he “has intervened and stop ped the rotten deal” But it is known the deal is already signed/sealed and proceeds changed hands in double-quick time. People, with no other hope around, are resigning to their fate and, in the absence of no other earthly relief, look heaven wards for justice.
In the ancient Hindu heritage inept, cruel and bad leaders do show up now and then bringing terrible suffering and sorrow to their people. But there is always divine intervention. By all accounts we are going through the most difficult times of our Kali Yuga. Srimad Bhagawatham, a great Hindu epic, compiled some 1,200 years ago, tellingly describes the ongoing Kali Yuga – the Age of Darkness as follows :-
“In Kali Yuga, wealth, not virtuous conduct, will determine a man’s worth. Might will decide what is good and bad. Thieves will lead the country. Rulers, greedy and cruel, will degenerate into brigands and plunderers. Business will be tantamount to practicing fraud. Cheats will take to trade and business and introduce dishonest practices. Poverty will be regarded as sufficient proof of guilt in courts. Ostentatious show will be the hallmark of character. A master of (abusive) vocabulary will be considered a scholar. Moral values will be observed solely for popularity, not by conviction.”
Déjà Vu?


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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