EPDP’s international head urgently called for urgent consultation

| by Our Colombo correspondent

( February 12, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) A source close to the paramilitary group EPDP confirmed to the Sri Lanka Guardian that the group’s head of the international operations S Thavarajah has been urgently called for consultations by its leader Douglas Devananda.
The purpose of the visit is said to finalise plans to recruit some activists of the EPDP to fly to the United Kingdom to infiltrate and destabilise the LTTE front organisations as requested by the President Mahinda Rajapakse. The Sri Lanka Guardian reported the president’s request (Paramilitary leader and LTTE’s K P advised to infiltrate diaspora Tamil organisations) and it is claimed that Defence Ministry has given the clearance and have allocated funds for the covert operations in the UK to weaken the Tamil Diaspora organisations.
The international head Thavarajah who is based in London is said to be flying to Colombo in a executive class ticket today in the Sri Lankan Airways flight.
Thavarajah who was one time head of the Eelaviduthalai Iyakkam and headed the dawn bank raid at the Puloly Peoples Bank in the early 1970’s became a committed member of the EPDP paramilitary group and represented the group in the parliament as an elected MP.
Thavarajah who has sought political asylum in London and in his asylum application, he has made all the allegations against Douglas Devananda and the EPDP. He is said to be holding a British passport at present and is said to have visited the Sri Lanka High Commission in London to obtain special clearance for his visa to enter Sri Lanka.
Thavarajah is said to be controlling the international finances of the EPDP and runs its operations from Birmingham from a freehold retail shop acquired with the groups funds.
Is said to stay in Jaffna for two weeks and interview prospective candidates for the covert operations. He is also said to deal with some internal crisis with the group.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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