Ethnic Problem or Common Problem?

| by Gajalakshmi Paramasivam

( December 22, 2012, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) While a good proportion of  intellectuals in Sri Lanka and  their  extensions overseas are analyzing the matter of the Impeachment of the Chief Justice, there are others who are analyzing the weaknesses of the government  through the ethnic problem. Professor Laksiri Fernando in his Sri Lanka Guardian article ‘Key Issue is to defend the Judiciary Now ‘ states ‘In the case of Sri Lanka, we have a situation where there is a clear attempt on the part of the executive to subjugate the judiciary using the legislature as its cat’s paw. Legislature has lost or losing its proper representative character. This was not the case before although some inroads had already been made. This is in a background of a mammoth military build-up.’
Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) is producing its parallel of this ‘attack on sovereignty’ through its own experience. This has been highlighted at the heading ‘TGTE’s Parliament Endorses Action Plans’
There are also reports that Tamil National Alliance (TNA) is observing Sathyagraha regarding the attacks on University students.
When I took legal action against Senior Administrators of the University of New South Wales & later against the Government Ministers concerned – some Australians of majority race said that what happened to me had happened to others of their race  also and hence why I was claiming that the actions were due to my race? My simple response was that I had practiced the laws of Equal Opportunity and through those I believed  that the reason was racial discrimination – most of the time subconscious.
I now look at the lesser interest by Tamils in the Judicial issue – and come to the same conclusion.  Tamils are majority in their environments outside Sri Lanka. They have strong backing in Tamil Nadu.  Then there are the governments of the nations that are ‘home’ to Tamils who left Sri Lanka.  Tamils in those countries seem to have stronger influence than Sinhalese, with the Governments of those nations.  In a way – these governments and groups are filling the ‘government positions’ that Sri Lankan government failed to fill in the minds of Tamils.
The pattern that evolves confirms the way of Natural Justice. The following excerpt from my book would indicate how I completed the cycle of independence on the basis of the reality of my environment:  ‘Within one culture, looks and their status are attributed as per common norms and trends  and therefore the outer looks and their status would tend to be ‘graded’ through those common cultural measures. These cultural norms include work done by others to attribute merit to a certain way in which we  maintain our outer looks.  Usually those with high status and attractive  looks earn the highest grading. Lady Diana became more attractive than Miss Diana Spencer due to having earned the ‘royal position’.  I on the other hand, became less and less attractive with the same looks, due to shedding my official status. As my Guru says – there are three I’s – (1) who others think I am; (2) who I think I am and (3) who I really am.  Majority vote is about the first one.  Whenever this is lower than who I think I am – I felt disappointed.  Repeated disappointments when unaddressed, lead to depression – a strong risk with migrants who enjoyed  high status in their countries of origin. As for me, I was able to work it out during my time with myself – that these others needed me to give form to their work. Since I went into their ‘territory’ I had to accept such demotions in their territory. This way, I was able to better prepare myself for the future. Knowing my reality was the Actual in my mind and planning for the future on that basis was my Budget.
To me, laws are also plans. We include the needs of all concerned and draw up the consolidated  essence of it through laws. Some laws, such as customary laws,  are based strongly on the longstanding reality in an area/culture. Some of these customs  are not in official form. If  there is harmony in that area in which these customs are actively practiced  – then these are very much part of  the natural laws of that area. The official government needs to recognize this and stay away from it if it does not understand or appreciate  these  common customs or if they seek to come into that area, they need to include such customs in the official budget/laws.’
The way we receive events are regulated Naturally by our reality and Consciously through Plans/Laws.  They are also the paths through which we would deliver our own returns. Hence if my Plan did not include majority race – the path through which I manifested  my work would be different to when I included majority race.  Until my experiences at the University of New South Wales, I was using the Common Path – which included majority race. After I was repeatedly ‘kept out’ by those of majority race (mostly subconsciously) – I remained still and let  Nature manifest  the reality of their actions based on plans/laws that did not include me as a migrant from Asia. This helped me complete my experience on the basis of Truth and Truth only. Those laws used by majority race did not include my special needs as a migrant / minority race.
Likewise, the majority race in Sri Lanka have ‘lost’ at least some of the Tamil minds to others. In its own way – Nature is showing that for the same level of work and commitment we are of Equal power to those in Government. We just need to go out of their controlled territories in our minds – to appreciate  this. Some need to go out physically to know it mentally.

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Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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