EXCLUSIVE: LTTE’s Balakumar and Yogi alive

| by Our Special Corespondent in Colombo

( February 06, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Contrary to the claim of the government Minister D E W Gunasekara that LTTE’s two senior men V Balakumar and Yogaratnam Yogi were dead in the battle front, a senior military official has confirmed in confidence to the Sri Lanka Guardian source that both are held in detention with the other senior men of the LTTE in a secret location in the south of Sri Lanka under strict military supervision.
Eye witness account confirmed nearly fifty LTTE men including Balakumar, Yogi, Lawrence Thilagar, Paapa and Puduvai Ratnadurai were taken in a bus after physical checks from Vanni.
The government refused to divulge any information about their fate, except for a random comment by the Minister D E W Gunasekara over a year ago that both the men were dead in the battle front. Since then no comments have been made by the said minister despite strong objections were published about his comment.
The Sri Lanka Guardian source confirmed that both Balakumar and Yogi are treated well by the army after putting them through strenuous process of investigations. The army source will not confirm whether they were tortured and even about their whereabouts.
The Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse in an interview to the Deccan Chronicle has stated that he does not know anything about the LTTE’s senior leader V Balakumar. The Defence Secretary’s comment contradicts with the latest information provided to the Sri Lanka Guardian source by the military official.
It was also reported that LTTE’s senior operative Paapa has been drafted into the military intelligence service. Of those arrested, Puduvai Ratnadurai is said to be having acute medical conditions and the government is withholding any information about him or the other captives. LTTE’s Lawrence Thilagar also known as Lawrence Christy according to the source is said to be in a confused state of mind needing regular medical attention.
Due to fear of retribution and the operation of the Terrorism Act, the relatives of the victims are fearing to file Habeas Corpus applications to the Supreme Court.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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