Exclusive: Russian Embassy in Colombo Came under Attack


Internal job — Reliable Sources

by Our Diplomatic Correspondent

(January 11, 2018, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Russian Embassy in Colombo came under a series of stone attacks in this evening, a reliable source told the Sri Lanka Guardian.

Meanwhile, expressing the concern about the incident reliable sources close the Russian Embassy in Colombo told that this could be a scheme by the Russian Embassy itself to acquire the land which was allegedly used for this attack.

Therefore, the embassy has already created the huge fuss, though they haven’t made the official complaint before the police yet.

Meanwhile, following the order received from the top, a group of police officers attached to the Cinnamon Garden Police station were rushed to the place where the incident took place.

Then the police were requested the CCTV records during the time of the incident reported. But, according to the reliable sources in the Police Department, the Russian officials have refused the request.

However, newly appointed Russian Ambassador in Colombo has scheduled to meet the senior police officers for discussion on tomorrow morning.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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