Excruciate that made the old Baloch a nationalist

A gathering with VBMP voice chairman

( February 13, Karachi, Sri Lanka Guardian) In the last week of November Mr Qadeer Baloch the voice chairman for Baloch missing persons and a retired UBL bank employee from Quetta did something strange which in history no grandfather had done before. He held his grandson who is just four and half years, took him to see his son Jalil Reeki’s disfigured bullet riddled body and made the little baby understand about the entire background story. He had a long chat with the little kid and informed him who and why had brutally killed his father.
Neither a sight nor a tear neither did this old man abuse anyone, His son was brutally killed and dumped two months before, he is doing what which he did before when his young son was inside the torture cell. Abdul Qadeer Baloch more than sixty a retired bank employed has been on strike for more than three years. His young son namely Jalil Reiki was abducted by Pakistani intelligence agencies in February 2009 at his home town Quetta. Mr Baloch lodged a FIR against frontier corps and ISI chief for illegal abduction of his juvenile son. Mr Baloch with other family members of abducted Baloch jointly created an Organization namely “VBMP” voice for Baloch missing persons’ and started protesting for safe recovery of their beloved ones.
Last November 2011 maimed body of missing Jalil was found in out skirt city of district Turbat some 900 kilometers far away from provincial capital Quetta,” I didn’t believe that Jalil jan was maimed because I had not seen his body with my eyes, I couldn’t think they,,,,,, notorious agencies kill my son because they kept him in torture cell for a long, they,,,,,,,, goon,,,, tortured and interrogated him, I thought why they would dump him like others?”
Mr Baloch was expecting jalil may return when he was surviving in torture cells, He sometimes used to inquire about Jalil to the other released persons, though they were separately kept in torture cells but they would call for prayers in numbers and each would call their names loudly when they finished so to let the others prisoners to know the inmate is alive, when someone by chance release he could inform their family members that their beloved one is alive.
Qadeer Baloch heard this so many times that Jalil called summon in prayers time and then called out his name loudly after finishing, I many times approached to courts on given times, launched protesting camps at big cities of Pakistan like Islamabad, Karachi and Quetta, CM Balochistan himself stated intelligence agencies are behind Jalil’s illegal abduction but no one audited them, during the operation of a tribunal a colonel came to Qadeer, said him you are old, decent they had great pity on him, Mr Baloch told them feel clemency on his son too and let him go. Colonel promised with old Qadeer if his son was truly a political worker they would release Mr Jalil soon, Mr Baloch strappingly believed his son was alive and he would come back but his mutilated body was found in last week of November 2011 near Turbat. 
According to Mr Qadeer Assistant commissioner of the area informed him regarding his son’s death, he added commissioner told him they were going to send Jalil’s body after autopsy khan Baloch said no, you were a part of establishment, you were involved for his brutal killing, establishment made you work, My son is in rest now, let him take rest,,,,,,,, goons for a long time didn’t let him take rest. Mr. Baloch from his own organized an ambulance and brought his son’s dead body to his native place.
But why finally spy agencies decide to kill Mr. jalil?
Qadeer Baloch has the answer for this
“ a few days before Jalil’s death, an attack was carried out on Army outposts by Baloch rebellion in Chamalang area near Quetta, where several soldiers martyred,,,,,,,,, but rather quiet. And they had to avenge the attack. To them it doesn’t matter who did the attack, they killed my son and took the revenge.
Mr. Baloch remembers each and every wound on his missing son’s body and he explains them in manner with extreme emotions. He said” his left hand was broken; there were several small stains of burning on his back and right wing. Mr Baloch said” I made a video of Jalil’s deceased body and watch it sometimes in order to work for his nation.”
Mr. Baloch has sit up a protesting camp for last forty days in Karachi with the hope perhaps civil authorities and media may reach to him.
Usually Pakistani journalists feel reluctance to press the mining but when four people procession for Doctor Aafia Siddiqui a huge camera crowd gathers there. Dr Aafia may became state oppression but her supporters are present in every field of life, there’s no one to listen Baloch.
A thirteen years old girl also was there in protest camp whose father Doctor Deen Mohammad Baloch is missing for last three years, little girl addresses Chairman Uncle to old Qadeer Baloch.
After his son’s death Mr. Qadeer took his four years grandson who also has a hole on his heart to his father’s collapsed body, when his grandson found Mr. Jalil’s bullet ridden body whose one eye was damaged asked his grandfather who had done so, Baloch said Pakistani intelligence agencies, little baby asked innocently who the pakistani agencies are? Mr. Baloch said he briefly told him about intelligence agencies.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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