Executive President put in fetters

Time is ripe to defeat fake patriots and pedestal Mihindu -Sangamitta ahimsa traditions
| by Wimal Dheerasekera
( March 26, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The people of the country who are not fully aware of the resolutions adopted at the Geneva conference, the deceitful politicians, the opposition frauds and counterfeit patriots have taken offence against those resolutions and begun opposing them. But the question is, can we Sri Lankan Buddhists who are adherents of Mihindu Thero and Sangamitta and who have made ‘ahimsa’ as an integral part of our life, as men, women and youths having intelligence truly oppose these proposals?
Please carefully read the resolutions given here under that were adopted at the Geneva conference:
UNHRC covenant.
Universal statement regarding human rights following the universal treaties and other relevant documents pertaining to human rights.
As noted under 5/1 and 5/2 of the recommendations strengthening the Human rights Council.
It is reiterated that when a country is engaged in a conflict against terrorists, the measures taken by it are bound by international laws, especially international human rights, while refugee and humanitarian laws shall be abided by to the maximum.
It is noted that the explanations and recommendations in the SL lessons learnt and reconciliation Commission (LLRC) report regarding national reconciliation measures are monitored.
The necessity for a credible investigation into unlawful murders and forced disappearances. The administration of the Forces in the north of Sri Lanka shall be withdrawn. An impartial mechanism is put in place to settle Land disputes. Resettlement is reviewed. Civil Institutions strengthened which were earlier functioning independently. Seeking a political solution in regard to devolution of powers for the provinces. Protecting and restoring the rights of all people to express their views and introducing reforms pertaining to legal traditions while rigidly accepting the salutary recommendations contained in the L LRC report.
It records its regret over the failure of the LLRC to duly pay attention to the issue of serious violations of international laws in its report.
1. It urges the SL Govt. to implement the salutary recommendations in the LLRC report , provide justice and fair play to all Sri Lankans , and foster reconciliation by commencing a credible and independent mechanism, and take all additional measures that are necessary to work with dedication and commitment towards that end.
2. It urges that full details of the comprehensive plan of the measures and steps taken by the Govt. to implement the recommendations contained in the LLRC report and , similarly in regard to the international law violations shall be submitted by the SL Govt. as early as possible.
3. It requests the Human rights Council to talk with and co-ordinate with the SL Govt. with a view to providing the necessary advice and technical assistance. The Human rights Council shall furnish a report on the special support that is to be extended and the assistance to be provided towards achieving the objectives noted above, at the 22nd sessions of the Human rights Council.`
It is a pity that political turncoats as Somawansas who are mentally feeble and unstable view these resolutions as detrimental to our sovereignty while political analysts unlike him who are far sighted are of the view that their stance is to once again plunge this country into racial turmoil.
How can anyone who is sane and sensible call these resolutions as foreign imperialism? Wasn’t the LLRC constituted of indigenous Sri Lankans? How can a request to implement the recommendations of such an LLRC of Sri Lankans be detrimental to the country’s sovereignty?
The Executive President of SL who thought based on his stupid arrogance that even a fly cannot fly over his head is now subject to international fetters and restraints. This is some kind of relief to those who are opposed to the Executive Presidency. A barrier has been placed before him in order to make him respect human rights.
This can be utilized as an opportunity by the Sri Lankans to work in co-ordination with world’s advanced countries like America.
What are the countries that stood by Rajapakshe’s regime? Let us take the two big countries like China and Russia, after leaving aside the mini states. While 0.45 % of our total exports are to China, imports from China constitute 12% of our total import .The loss incurred by SL‘s trade with China in 2005 was US dollars 600 million which rose to US dollars million 1044 in 2008 .In 2008, when SL was making a profit of US Dollars 46.8 million on exports, the Govt. was disbursing US dollars 1091 to China due to imports from that country. China providing aid to SL built a Hambantota Harbor which is serving no purpose. China on the ongoing projects had not even provided labor job opportunities to Sri Lankans. All those working in those projects are Chinese nationals. SL suppliers in respect of these projects are made meager payments. So is Russia. In the least these countries have not even helped the youths of this country to secure jobs. These youths are able to get jobs and save some money only in a country like South Korea. Isn’t it little wonder why the youths are making a scramble to go to Korea, and not Russia or China?
Not only countries like South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore, even neighboring India developed not by trailing behind China and Russia, but by joining hands with Western countries like America and the Europe.
SL youths are possessed of excellent computer skills. They seek to develop and build their future not by going to Russia and China where their languages cannot help in computer work or skill advancement, but rather to America and European countries in the West.
In the circumstances, the intelligent youths of Sri Lanka who are true Buddhists nurtured in the traditions of ahimsa based on the Mhindu -Sangamitta ancestry as mentioned earlier ought to join with Western and European countries with humaneness. They have therefore got the best opportunity now to defeat the inhuman despotic family reign and destroy the murderous clans.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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