Fate of Sri Lankans sixty four years after independence

Dear Sri Lankan Fraternity,

( February 06, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) At the end of an accursed 30 year war the great opportunity to build a splendid and just Sri Lankan nation was lost to us as a result of the establishment of an antidemocratic nepotist regime.
Today when during the celebration of the 64th anniversary of Independence, we would like to distribute this small leaflet to those freedom loving Sri Lankans who have arrived at this place. The reason for this is that on behalf of a fearless man of indefatigable morale, who is the unofficial President of the country, namely General Sarath Fonseka and other Sri Lankans we have an unavoidable duty to help remember.
We respectfully invite all expatriate Sri Lankans to come forward and demand justice and fairplay for him (Gen Fonseka) and all other political prisoners.
On that day when the General was at deaths door after a suicide bombing, you filled various places of religious worship in Melbourne to pray for his recovery. On this occasion we wonder if there is a reluctance to accept this invitation because of political differences?
The installation of necessary power base to bring together Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and other people of Sri Lanka to build a united nation, to protect language rights and other fundamental questions continue to be swept under the carpet.
What did General Fonseka do wrong?
He came forward as a common candidate with no political affiliations to instil the law above all, oppose a trend towards a dictatorship in the country and developed a vanguard to prevent another war by finding a solution to questions faced by the multiple cultures and ethnic groups within the country, in accord with democratic traditions and won that Presidential election. It is not only this fearless incorruptible man who has been in a dark cell for two years. It is also the wish of the Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim people for a honourable nation with good governance which has been imprisoned.
After 64 years our rulers have not left any freedom worth celebrating. The principle instruments of Westminster style democracy, namely legislature, executive and judiciary have been subverted and held in the vice grip of the Rajapakse family.
Through the use of instruments of state terror, disappearance of journalists and silencing of the media have resulted in loss of free speech for the people.
The fact that every state institution has been politicised and the public servants heading these institutions have become mere puppets is well illustrated by the status of the Department of Education.
In a society devoid of individual freedoms, extortion, drug running and sexual abuse and rape of women are all freely spreading with state protection.
There is much we can do for our Sri Lankan brothers and sisters who have lost their freedom:
  • To clearly identify the challenges facing the country devoid of political agendas
  • To provide support for discussion about the solutions to the above challenges
  • To discuss and debate this openly in any organisation in which you are a member
  • To forward your ideas to us regarding future steps to be taken to change the destructiveness which is currently occurring in Sri Lanka.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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