Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson Address, “The Road to Brexit”

Leaving the European Union is a cause for hope, not fear, selling our aim for uniting the country as exit day grows closer

by Our Correspondent in London

(February 15, 2018, London, Sri Lanka Guardian) Britain’s Foreign Secretary today 14 February 2018 addressed the press and diplomats at the offices of Policy Exchange in Central London, the first among a series of meetings with Prime Minister, Theresa May’s Ministers. The idea of getting her Ministers to endorse her Government’s stance was mooted to allay the fears and enhance the hopes of what the British public can expect.

With near 19 months of wrangling since the Referendum, this “Meet the People” is a sign that there are strong incentives on each side, EU and Britain, to find a good arrangement and to try to be as constructive as possible in the ongoing negotiations at
Brussels and achieve the sort of outcome favourable to both sides.

In his half hour address, Foreign Secretary, Johnson aimed at those who felt “alienated and angry” about the Referendum result and find ways of explaining the Government action. He stated that the whole Cabinet was behind the Prime Minister. in order to unite the country. He was very lucky to serve in her Cabinet.

On the question of a Second Referendum, the Foreign Secretary said “I will say with candour that if there will be a second vote, I believe we would simply have another year of wrangling and turmoil and feuding, in which the whole country would lose – so let’s not go there?”

“Leaving the European Union is a cause for hope, not fear, selling our aim for uniting the country as exit day grows closer”.

“Brexit is not some great “V” sign from the cliffs of Dover”. Britons will still be able to live, work and retire in the European Union after Brexit. However, I am strictly against the creation of one European Superstate. Our association will grow as we already have very close security links with Europe. But we will be able to take control of our borders”. He echoed the words of Abraham Lincoln, “it will be government of the people, by the people and for the people”, as the people of Britain take control.

Jean Claude Juncker, the President of EU Commission, when asked about Boris Johnson’s claim, stated that he was strictly against a European superstate.

The divorce talks on Brexit, we know is divided into two phases. Phase I was started in July 2017 and ended with an agreement on “sufficient progress” in December 2017. Now Phase II on Post Brexit relationship is going on, before the exit date 29 March 2019.

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