Hindu and Christian Religion’s Comparative Study

| by Dirgha Raj Prasai

(December 18, Katmandu, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Christamass-2011 is coming. On this context, all the Christians should study the real history and facts on Jesus Christ, Christian religion and Hindu Philosophy and its guide line for the sake of Humanity in the world. Nepal is the pious Hindu country in the lapse of the Himalayas, which is beautiful, quiet, the birth place of Buddha and origin of Hinduism. Lord Buddha is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu- the Hindu God. Besides being the country of Everest it is equally popular with its diverse cultural values. This is the land where civilization began and is also known as the country of ‘SANGRILA.’ Nepal is as holy place to Hindus & Buddhists, as Mecca for Muslims and Jerusalem to Jews and Christians.
The ideological differences on Jesus Christ and the Christian religion are being analyzed with emphasis on historical facts and being centralized on question pertaining to the search of the starting point of the world’s religions. Muslim and Christian religions took birth long after the creation of Hindu religion and its civilization. Hindus and Buddhists of Nepal are highly liberal. They respect either of the religions, Christian and Muslim. However, Hindus will not tolerate the attempt made on attacking the popular religion of this place by coming here and trying to evangelize people following other religions. In Nepal, Hindus and Buddhists do not bear any ill will towards Muslims. This is so because Muslims follow their own religion and respect Hinduism and Buddhism, not attack them. So we are not angry towards Muslims. Hindus of Nepal are suspicious and angry towards the Christian workers brokers. Christian’s supporters want to destroy Nepal’s identity. Some Nepalese were turned into Christians before 1768 A.D after the Malla rulers came under influence.
After 1768 A.D the creator of the big Nepal, Prithvi Narayan Shah chased away Capuchin and Christian preachers due to their suspicious activities. So, from then they bore a negative attitude towards Nepal. Why are Christians forgetting our history and their originality-‘Hinduism’? In the context of world religions, we should research the originality of the religions. Jesus Christ and his mother Mary were influenced by Hindu. It may be the Christianity was founded on the life and teachings of a Jew named Jesus Christ. “Jesus Christ” is a title and it comes from the Greek form of the Hebrew Messiah, meaning ‘anointed one.’
Dr. Swami Prapannacharya in his book ‘Bed Ma Ke Chhha’ has quoted from Sri Baba Swanker, preacher Gopalacharya, Dr. Bukanin, Dr. Spencer, Russian intellectual Dr. Nikal Sanoto from a book ‘Unknown Life of Jesus’ that, “The birth of Jesus Christ was in a Hindu family of India. There is a statue of Christ’s mother ‘Mary’ in Florence. Such a statue is also found in the Church of Macmillan. In the statue Mary is wearing a just Nepalese & Indian’s women’s dress (Sari-Cholo) like that of Hindu queen and a red patch of vermillion (Tika) on the forehead like that of Hindus. Many western intellectuals have also believed that Christ took birth in a Hindu family. ‘God is Light’ is the line of Lord Shiva, light of Christians. In an art house in Munich, Germany a statue of Jesus Christ is found wearing a robe of a Hindu ascetic with a patch of red vermillion-mark made on forehead (Tika). In the statue found in Florence Jesus is wearing a sacred thread (Janai) like that of a Hindu Bhramin. A picture found at the Vatican Palace in Rome shows Christ having a length of bound hair beginning at the center of a shaved head (known as Tupi in Hinduism) and wearing cloth worn round the waist (Dhoti), looking an appearance of a righteous man (Sadhu). An authoritarian regime of Israel executed Christ who had stayed in Nepal for six years doing meditation. He came back from the grave, as he had acted as if dead, with the power of meditation and left for India.
We can see a tomb of Jesus Christ kept in Kashmir. Christ traveled through what is now Nepal and India from 13-30 years seeking religions teachings. There are facts that suggest he read Vedic teachings in Kashi, Jagannath, Bihar and Nalanda. He went to Lumbini and visited mountains of Kumbakarna, Gaurishankar and Mt. Everest south of Tibet. It is mentioned in the Sanskrit language in a Puran (theology) book. It is also mentioned in this theology ‘The mother of Jesus was pregnant in younger age before her marriage.’ We can see the similarity between Kuntee and Mary so Jesus Christ represents Karna. Kuntee bore a child Karna before her marriage.
Similarly, an intellectual M.K. Shrestha has written, ‘The mother of Jesus Christ Mary had become pregnant before she had married. The problem was solved when she accepted one carpenter Yusuf (Joseph) as her husband. First he denied accepting her. Let it be- Jesus Christ came to India at the age of 12/13 with businessmen. He spent some days with Jainmuni (sage) in Rajasthan. Then he studied Ved in Kashi and Jagannathpuri. He achieved enlightenment through meditation in India. Jesus Christ preached on love, benediction, compassion and mercy by learning from ancient Vedic Hindu religion. He has shown honor to Veda in his books. He believed in Bhramh (the creator), Bishnu (the preserver and protector), Maheshwor (manager of truth, beauty & wellbeing) and ‘OM’. The word ‘OM’later changed into ‘Omen’. The manuscript of Christ can be read at the ‘Summit University’ in France. The tradition that precedes a birth, death, marriage and christening in Churches by priests and pastors corresponds with the Hindu traditions. There is a hexagon of Hindu Goddess ‘Saraswati’ (Goddess of Intellect) in the national insignia of Israel’s Jews.(Nepal Samachar Patra)
In 1835 Lord Mecaule and in 1856 Caldwell used weapons to enforce Christianity after colonizing India. Their blasphemous act of disintegrating the Hindu religion has tainted the Christian religion. To show them different to that of Hindu religion, Christianity has shown utter disregard to the wearing of red vermillion (Tika and Sindhur), resorted to burning scriptures of codes of conduct of Vedic Hindu and Buddhism and vandalizing statues. In Nepal, some Christians erected Churches without any agreement after 2005; they had not to so such behavior. As such voices are raised by the employees of brokers of Christianity, Christian religion is becoming unpopular. In Arab nations due to the pressure mounted by the Christian nations of the west, they are forced to view them as their enemy.
America destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan in the Second World War with the nuclear weapons created by Jew scientist Einstein. When the then American President Roosevelt asked Einstein what he wanted the latter has answered, “I want a Jew state.” In this sense the Americans must have declared Israel ‘a Jew state’. In Israel the sign which is common with Hindu Goddess ‘Saraswoti’ was made the symbol Shatkon (angle having six bases) of Jew. It is an inspiration from the Hindu religion. But the Christians are pouncing on Hindus wherever they contact and show the attraction of money as attraction to transform them into Christians. Their design is ending the Hindus’ identity.
NEWSWEEK COLUMNIST Ms Lisa Miller says-‘we are all Hindus. The Rig Veda, the most ancient Hindu scripture, says: “Truth is one, but the sages speak of it by many names.” A Hindu believes there are many paths to God. The most traditional, conservative Christians have not been taught to think like this. They learn in Sunday school that their religion is true, and others are false. Let us all say “OM.” when you chant “OM,” it will resonate not only in the room but down through the ages.’ May 13, 2010 at > http://www.newsweek.com/id/237910
Voltaire wrote—’Christianity is the most ridiculous, the most absurd and bloody religion that has ever infected the world.’ Thomas Jefferson, the President of US 1801-09, observed-‘The Christian god is a three headed monster; cruel, vengeful and capricious. If one wishes to know more of this raging, three headed beast-like god, one only needs to look at the caliber of people who say they serve him. They are always of two classes: fools and hypocrites.
Similarly, an Indian Scholar Mohan Gupta writes- It is the intellectual bankruptcy and Christian propaganda to equate prosperity with soundness of a religion. In fact the internal consistencies, teachings of profound truths and traditions of spiritual practices are the parameters. Can you elaborate such measures about Christianity? Europe did progress not because of but in spite of Christianity. Once Christianity got hold of Europe in the 3rd century, it destroyed all its illustrious heritage of countless sages like Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Euclid and who not. Christians literally burnt away all their pre-Christian heritage and dragged Europe down to the dark age of thousand years. Christianity has the singular dubious honor of terrorizing Europe and world with inquisition, crusades and holocaust.
Today’s liberal Europe is not because of the Christianity but because of the countless modern social thinkers. Their ideas of human liberties and the social contracts are diametrically opposite to totalitarianism of Christianity. Before joining Christianity perhaps you should check the queue first. Please call guys with long white coats. History is witness that the Churches opposed modernization in one hand and supported the exploiters against the exploited on the other. You might have heard about Churches practicing racial segregation but not a squeak for the freedom and democracy. Have you? When did Churches oppose slavery? As a matter of fact Churches have used Bible to explain away and justify slavery. There is no physical proof that God exists, let alone the number of Gods. So the monotheism and the polytheism have same validity. Because, the Semitic monotheism is not about merely believing number of Gods being one. It is about straight jacketing humanity in to a certain belief system and behavior pattern. The Semitic religions are basically social institutions for tribal survival. They are not about seeking truth or improving spirituality.’ Do they (Christians) want to do same in Nepal?
With this cultural innovation Jewish tribe was able to wipe out other competing tribes. Who could argue against the success and characteristics of the Judaism was set. However, it also traps people into taking religion strictly in terms of military success against others. The Semitic monotheism is not about the principle of ‘universality of divinity’ or of seeing ‘unity in diversity’. It is about denying other viewpoints and cultural existence. The concept of ‘your God is no God, only my God is God’ is not about knowledge, but about struggle for tribal supremacy. The Islam, a medieval, improved and aggressive version of Judaism begins with the proclamation, “I bear witness that there are no other Gods, but only Allah.” In contrast, Roman and Greek pantheon of Gods live like a family. Devotees of Apollo will also pay obeisance to Hera, let alone fight her devotees.
Definition of God necessarily has to be partial and personal. That way we are putting apples and oranges together. Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism etc. are not religions, and are about methods of spiritual advancements. On the other hand, Semitic religions about tribal survival, militarization of society, believe sets of doctrines without questioning; social control and institutions producing scholars versus soldiers must be made. The idea of ‘Holy Ghost’ comes from the philosophy of Heraclites, circa 500 BC, Greece. He philosophized that the world is not random. He noted whether in society or in nature there is orderliness and the inner workings are governed by known or unknown logic. It brings to the Christian definition of God given as the Nicene Creed. Wise men agree that it may be one view of God, but not the only view.” Can a person or a council define God?” Like the proverbial camel designed by a committee, the Nicene Creed is a political compromise, not a vision of divinity.
An Indian scholar Ashok T. Jaisinghani writes about the conspirator history of Christian- ‘The Christian religion was used to justify horrible and cruel acts of genocide. It was also used to intimidate Indigenous people by making them think bad things were happening to them because they were not Christians. The sales pitch was that if they would accept Jesus, then their lives would be good. Many Anishnaabek did not fall for it but yet it was always chipping away at our sense of who we are. While the Creationists and Evolutionists are often at odds, colonial interpretations of both theories supported a racist and genocidal policy.’
Another Indian scholar Nathan Kollengode writes from Delhi thanking me (Dirgha Raj Prasai)-‘ I want to personally congratulate you for your efforts to open the eyes of Hindus to the grave threats & to save us from total extinction thereby going to waste the selfless efforts of thousands of Rishis & sages of past. We are 100% behind you in this effort & I am forwarding this to both Delhi Hindu & Haindava Keralam. We want Nepal to stay as the ONLY Hindu country of the world & not make it another “secular” country like India’.
Famous French intellect Dr. Jekreliot Bible has accepted the Hindu science. He says ‘The Hindu Revelation (Veda) is of all revelations, the only ideas are in perfect harmony with modern science as it proclaims the slow and gradual formation of the world.” German philosopher Nieztse has said, ‘The law book of Manu is incomparably greater intellectual work than the Bible.’ May this analytical and research-based work in regard to who Jesus Christ was and what religion was he influenced of and how Christian religion started to be considered by all. We, Hindus respect the only Jews state ‘Israel’ of the world. Lastly, it is our appeal to the Christian missions and Christian nations that they confer their rich respect to the only pure Hindu nation of Nepal. May there be efforts to the effect of eradicating the negative views of Hindus towards Christianity. So, all the Christians and Christian world must regard the Vedic Hindu religion and respect NEPAL as a ‘Hindu Kingdom.’


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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