Hope ( A Poem)

| by William Gomes
[ March 14, 2012, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka Guardian ]
Uprooted from the ground
Yes, fully uprooted,
But, still alive!
Still, I see dreams
Still, I am fighting to live
Still, moving from here to here
Looking for a refuge
Looking for a ground
Looking for a place of peace
Waiting to write again
Waiting to dream a good dream
fight a good fight
Against all INJUSTICES!
Someone from far,
Someone that I never know
Someone, a friend of peace
Someone Said, there is peace, a peaceful place,
I am counting each and every breath
To tell others, yes, there is hope!

William Gomes is a our correspondent in Bangladesh and human rights activist. He can be reached at editorbd@gmail.com or at www.williamgomes.org 


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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