Indian anti-corruption movement now derailed

| by N.S.Venkataraman
( November 12, 2012, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) With the image of being a Gandhian and using the Gandhian tool of fasting ,when Anna Hazare launched a nationwide anti corruption movement  ,there was genuine support and appreciation from all quarters However, when Anna Hazare   said that Lokpal Bill would be the ultimate tool to root out corruption in India ,many people disagreed  with him  while still having faith in Anna Hazare’s the cause. It is a tragedy that the Anna Hazare’s movement got diluted with all and sundry getting into the bandwagon and thus the  sense of direction was lost.

Kejriwal has derailed the anti corruption movement by trying to step into the shoes of Anna Hazare  by playing to the gallery.  The anti corruption movement in the country is back to square one now.

When Anna Hazare’s movement inevitably collapsed  due to  the use of vituperative language and sort of coercive tactics ( with people like Ramdev facing tax evasion charges  also  being associated  in some way), Anna Hazare has to withdraw the movement for all practical purposes.
Now, Anna Hazare has announced that he would revive the anti corruption movement and has formed a new team. It remains to be seen as to whether Anna Hazare’s move to provide second birth to anti corruption movement would take off.  Of course, his movement and pronouncement would be covered in the sensation  hungry media.  But, what is important is not the media coverage but creating faith amongst the people that the revived anti corruption movement would do good to the country. Considering the fact that Anna Hazare would continue to adopt the same strategies of whipping up mass hysteria, it is more than likely that his movement would remain only as the movement of sensation.
Today, in India, corruption exists at all levels and in every field of activity.  One cannot even cremate a human body in India today without paying bribe money.  Therefore, the battle against corruption should be fought in the minds and  hearts of people if it were to provide the intended results,where individuals in large number would  be  willing to sacrifice the personal benefits and comforts for the sake of anti corruption cause. Whether the new team formed by Anna Hazare would aim at such level of micro level campaign against corruption without politicalising it remains to be seen and in all probability , it is unlikely.
While the large section of country men  feeling sad about the petering of  Anna Hazare’s movement , Kejriwal and his friends tried to fill the vacuum, giving an entirely new colour to the anti corruption movement. The dignity associated with Anna Hazare movement is not evident in the antics of Kejriwal and he has virtually brought the movement into ridicule  by   leveling allegations from public platforms and through media and without adopting the due process of law to expose the corrupt people.  His method  is one of provoking hatred about people whom he selects for targeting at his whims and fancies.
Further, Kejriwal’s source of funding are being openly questioned by several well meaning people and  lack of transparency is obvious.  Kejriwal and his associates do not have the wisdom and maturity to understand  that   violent accusations  and use of abusive language will have only short term gains and will not sustain any movement.
The average Indian can see through the game  of the politicians and activists ,as has been repeatedly revealed by the defeat of several political parties being removed from power during the elections.  Certainly, people do not approve such antics and do not trust the media beyond a level.
Kejriwal has derailed the anti corruption movement by trying to step into the shoes of Anna Hazare  by playing to the gallery.  The anti corruption movement in the country is back to square one now.
While Kejriwal and his associates will go into oblivion after the next parliament elections with people rejecting their methods and outlook, the forces of corruption will remain undefeated. The country will continue to search for new messiah.With       the  damage done now by Kejriwal   and the anti corruption movement now becoming a matter f of stage shows , it appears that  the country has to look beyond people like Anna Hazare  and Kejriwal.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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