Interview: Betrayal of Trust

Kalaignar’s feigned support is a rank betrayal of trust that the Tamils reposed on him and a traitorous act too!

| Interviewed by B.Thirumavelan
Junior Vikaden dt.25.12.2011
translated by L.Annadoure

(January 15, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) There has been a sudden spurt of activities in Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party that has an existence over several years on end. Parithi Ilam vazhuthi has kept himself away from attending the party meeting that has been convened last week. V.P. Duraisamy who has been nominated to accommodate the place of Parithi Ilam Vazuthi has been occupying the seat. Everything so happened transparently. Even in the Party Executive meeting Parithi Ilam Vazuthi could not be seen. In order to ascertain his conspicuous absence from the meeting Parithi Ilam Vazuthi has been contacted and interviewed .

Why , you who are one among the chief Executive Members of the party, have stayed away from the meeting?

I have not stayed away from the meeting of my own accord. The party leader has not invited me. They do not want me to attend the meeting. The Leader has urgently convened the meeting pertaining the Mullai periyar issue. Every one has been contacted over phone and invited to participate in the meeting as there has been not enough time to send individual invitation. I have not been contacted over phone. A person who is far away in Kanniyakumari has been contacted over phone…. I, who am in Palawalkam, have not been contacted over phone and the reason is they do not like my being attending the meeting. ‘Parithi should not come’ they are thinking so. But however I would have gone there myself after seeing the invitation published in Mura soli. To avoid unnecessary confrontations I have not gone there.

The post of Vice -president ship in the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam is a nominated post. The Family members joining together may remove the person holding such a post. But the party Executive Member cannot be removed so easily and in fact I am one among the three Members elected from Northern part of Chennai. They cannot bend it according to their whims and fancies.

I have been thinking of participating in the meeting and I wanted to speak of some matters. After sensing my intention and being afraid of me they have not invited me.

What would you have spoken there?

I have been intending to drive home my point that all Ministers of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam must condemn the act of betrayal and breach of trust perpetrated by Central Government and that all should resign and withdraw the support extended to Manmohan singh’s Government.

The issue of Mullai Periyar is not something about a dam as such. It is a matter which concerns the very sustainability of life of people who are living in the southern part of Tamil Nadu which comprise five Districts in it. The political parties in Kerala are vying to demolish the dam which has a century long history as though the dam is a road side petty shop. The Congress party which is in power in Kerala incites and flares up the issue. Soniya Gandhi and Manmohan Singh are silent spectators of the scene. Is it not an act of betrayal of trust perpetrated by Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam against Tamils in continuing to support the Central Government. My question is this. Should our Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam Ministers continue to support the Central Government at all?

In the matter of Mullai Periyar Karunanidhy is continuously writing letters by placing demands?
Kalaignar is writing letters. But there is no reply from the Central Government. Why should letters be written when the person addressed to is not replying to the letters? Kalaignar may be a fit person to be the leader of Tamils provided he quits the Central Government?

Do you agree with the demand made by Kalaignar that an all party meeting should be convened ?
When we have been grieving over Genocide being perpetrated against lakhs of Tamils in Mullivaikal, Kalaignar has announced in all haste of convening an all party meeting. He has announced boldly that all Members of parliament are ready to resign over the issue. But within two weeks he has become tactically elusive and became retractive. When Mr.Pazha Nedumaran and other political leaders have been making insistent demand for convening all party meeting in order to enable them to discuss emergently the issue , Kalaignar has conveniently convened the assembly and abruptly given a decent burial to the issue. Is it proper on the part of such a man to make a demand as this? There is nothing to be discussed about or debated so for this issue is concerned and there shall not be not any difference of opinion as regards the issue amongst the political parties. Contradiction is with Mr.Manmohan Singh and the continuance of support to Central Government is an act of betrayal of trust which the Tamils have had on him.

Even today, Kalaignar has faltered while answering the issue of Kudankulam Nuclear Project. Without answering the questions like whether Kudankulam Nuclear Project would be operational or it should not be operational and without answering what the stand of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam is on this issue , Kalaignar seemed to have answered the questions like dipping a ladies finger vegetable in castor oil and rubbing it. He said that “Prime Minister would have said so only after having consulted others. Were he to have consulted others then such an announcement is heartily welcome.” Whether president of Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam which is a party in the coalition and which staunchly supports the Central Government has been consulted as to the date of commencing the operations? Whether Kalaignar has given consent to proposed commencement of operations? These are all the doubts which arise in the minds of party workers like myself!

What do you think is the reason for the propriety of his conduct at present ?

Except the zeal for welfare of his family, no other purpose or intention predominates in his mind!


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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