Is Khaleda’s commitment enough for the peace of North East India?

|by Swadesh Roy 
( November 10, 2012, Dhaka, Sri Lanka Guardian) The main opposition party chief of Bangladesh Khaleda Zia has completed her week long India visit on 3rdNovember. She has met Indian president Pronab Mukharjje, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid, National Security Adviser Shivshankar Menon and the opposition leader of Indian parliament Susama Swaraj.
In her week long visit the main outcome is that, she promised to Indian leaders that, if she can come power to her country, her government will not allow any insurgent group of India in the soil of Bangladesh. The people of India and the people of Bangladesh know that, in her tenure in 2001 to 2006 Bangladesh was safe home or a breeding hub for the Indian insurgent groups. According to the source of different intelligence more than 143 camps sat up in Bangladesh for the Indian insurgent groups. With the collaboration of Pakistani Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) and the then Bangladesh government would give them all the training and supplied all kinds of arms and ammunitions.  One of the main leaders of United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) Paresh Barua is now accused on an Arms smuggling case in Bangladesh. It was 10 truck arms, which were brought for ULFA in Chitagong port and it was carried by the leadership of Paresh Barua. But whole shipment and transportation were arranged by Bangladesh Government; and the son of Khaleda and the then Home minister were looking after the whole operation. However, some patriot police officer took their life and service risk and they foiled the operation. This case is now in court; in this on going trail and the facts are coming out of that, the then chief of central intelligence and the other high officials  had to be involved in it as per the direction of the son of Khaleda Zia and her home minister.
In spite of that, Khaleda Zia has committed to the Prime Minister of India, External Affairs Minister and the Security Adviser that, if she can come power she will not look through the rearview mirror. In her confession, it proved that, in the past she and her government made a mistake by giving the shelter to the insurgent groups of India in Bangladesh soil. In addition to that, in her confession in India it also proved that, her government also helped to bring illegal arms for ULFA. Anyway, she now wants to come out from this period. But, is it possible for her to come out in this position? Her party is very much close to Pakistan and categorically with ISI. If she or her alliance come to the power in Bangladesh; will they give up the relation with ISI? It is impossible for her party and her alliance. She has made now 18 party alliance; more than  five party of this alliance are directly connected with the international terrorist group and the Pakistani terrorist group like Joyes-e- Mohamad, Harkatul jehad, Hamas. Besides that, many of her party men and the alliance have close connection with Taliban. All these terrorist groups are harmful for Indian internal security. Not only that, Khaleda Zia has a close connection with UlFA. In her regime ULFA set up many businesses in Bangladesh in the name of her party men so they are very much active now also. After coming to power, Sheik Hasina has deported most of the ULFA leaders. Her government has demolished all the camps of the ULFA, Tripura Tigars and others Indian insurgent groups.  But it is true she cannot stop the business of ULFA in Bangladesh because ULFA and other terrorist group have invested their money in many businesses in Bangladesh which are running by the party and the close men of Khaleda Zia. Not only that, there is news in Bangladesh that, during the recent visit of Khaleda Zia in China, she has talked many of the ULFA men in there.
Khaleda Zia has committed to India that she will not look through the rearview of the mirror but how she will come in this juncture? How she will cut her close bondage with ISI and the Indian insurgent group?  But it is very tricky, she knows it more than any other; she knows her long close and natural tie with the ISI and the Indian basically North East Indian insurgent group; despite that, she went to India and committed it. So now it is the big questions, who has played the card? Is it India or kahleda Zia? The center of the power of India, Sonia Gandhi did not give her any appointment so it proves that Khaleda Zia was more interested than Indian part? Why she is now that much interested? Does she give up ISI and Pakistan or is she thinking of others? Or she really wants peace in this region?  The past of the Khaleda says that, she is not playing any peace card she is playing a saving card. Because her main alliance Jamate-e-Islamis’ top leaders are facing war crime trail and they are now seeing a rope of the hang on the other hand her son is accused the 10 truck arms case with Paresh Barua and he can be convicted. In addition to that, her son has been convicted in US court. And she has understood that, United State is now more close to India than Pakistan. So, she has played this Indian card for save her son and her alliance. But now it is very tricky to say which hand will play the card ultimately; India or Khaleda Zia? After returning Bangladesh Khaleda said her visit is successful but with out any meeting with Sonia how it is possible? On the other hand, how India will forget the long past of the insurgent of North East India and the Mumbai attack, Indian parliament attack and the attack of the US consult office of Kolkata?  Above all, is Khaledas’ commitment is enough for the peace of North East India and in addition, the internal security of India?

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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