ISI proxy groups threatens BSO Azad members

( March 12, 2012, Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian) A previously unknown group calling itself “Baloch Warna Ittahad(Unity of Baloch Youth) ” has threaten to target kill the activists of BSO-Azad and other pro-liberation Baloch political parties.
The group strongly condemned a TV interview of Sohaib Mengal Baloch, the International representative of Baloch Student Organisation-Azad. Mr Mengal is a student, writer and a political activist who has been constantly writing in support of Baloch freedom movement on social media. The group has also claimed killing three Bugti tribesmen and threaten to target kill the activists of political parties seeking independence..
The newly born Pakistan proxy group’s spokesman Raheem dad warned members of pro-freedom Baloch parties to keep away from freedom movement otherwise they will be target killed. It is pertinent to note that Sohaib Mengal has been threaten only few days after the brutal murder of an online Baloch activist, Waheed Baloch and his friend in Khuzdar town of Balochistan.
The statement of Unity of Baloch Youth further claimed that the group’s commander Babu Baidar killed three Bugti tribesmen namely Phota Bugti, Shahmir Bugti and Tangu Bugti in Zenkoh are of Dera Bugti, Balochistan. The statement also claimed that the group have abducted Buland Khan and Ahmed from Dhadar region of Balochistan and that they will be killed very soon.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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