ISPR sets agenda to encounter Radio Gwank and other pro Balochi media

Pakistan army started FM broadcasting in the restive areas of Balochistan in order to sidetrack Baloch community mind set up toward freedom movement.
 | by A Special Correspondent in Balochistan

( March 06, 2012, Quetta, Sri Lanka Guardian) Pakistan army’s media cell Inter service public relations (ISPR) launched its FM radio broadcasting corporation in restive areas of Balochistan in order to encounter Radio Gwank, Radio London Balochistan, Sri Lanka Guardian and other satellite channels which are highlighting the state atrocities and brutalities against Baloch. 
According to the reliable sources, ISPR; the information cell of Pakistan army started its propagation in the restive areas of Balochistan with the help of a private Balochi channel which aims to divert the revolutionary mind set up of Baloch youth. Sources said; ISPR launched FM96 with the mutual aid of a private Balochi channel which head office is situated in a security zone of Islamabad.
 According to details FM96 runs in complete Balochistan with the help of Vash TV a private Balochi channel. It should be remembered that ISPR for the first time instigated its broadcasting in late 2007 when Pakistan army was doing a military operation in South Waziristan and Wanna areas of Khyber. The endeavor of FM was to change the mind set up of youth. Today again the same agenda had been set up in Balochistan. FM96 which is also called vash noori; has started its broadcasting in Turbat, Quetta, Gwadar, Nooshki, Khuzdar and some other areas of Balochistan. Vash TV a private Balochi channel is backing ISPR this agenda. Vash which in a short time period gained eminent in entire Balochistan has almost left its right track and going toward the same route which had been adopted by Pakistani national media. Accordingly a person on the bet of anonymity said us that Vash TV has been assigned some special task by Pakistani intelligence agencies to endorse them. 
However Vash administration had not accepted some of those agendas yet. Backing FM96 is a particular agenda of Pakistan army given to private Balochi channel. FM96 is a FM radio which jog almost in entire province of Balochistan is owned by ISPR and backed by the Vash news, a famous Balochi channel which almost had succeeded to earn a great name in Baloch community. According to the sources the head office of FM96 is situated at capital city Islamabad and its booster are fixed in FC camps of different areas of Balochistan. ISPR is trying to get the network of FM96 larger with the rally round of Vash Tv channel. FM96 intends to encounter the pro Baloch media which have gained a large popularity in Balochistan. The mission of Vash Noori FM96 is to stumble upon Radio Gwank, Radio London Balochistan and others pro electronic media corporation. It must be memorized that both two Radios; Gwank and Radio London Balochistan have become the wide source of those Baloch who can’t read and write but listen Radio and become in the known of Balochistan enduring situation. Pakistan army with a preplanned agenda had launched a FM radio to stumble upon those two pro Balochi speaking Radios. These two pro Balochi radio network have gained a large reputation among the masses of Balochistan in a small time period. ISPR is utilizing different tactics to downward the Baloch freedom movement. It must be remembered that government of Pakistan has used diverse tools to downward the Baloch national movement. ISI some months before stopped the circulation of a pro Balochi newspaper the Daily Tawar, killed the sub editor and cut the electricity supply to the main office of Tawar, journalism in Balochistan suffers from a decline situation. Media is in the eye of censorship and working journalists including bloggers are brutally tortured. Three days before ISI death squad targeted a blogger in Khuzdar city of Balochistan. Working journalist of the Radio Gwank, the Sri Lanka Guardian and the Radio London Balochistan should be working more in order to stop ISPR strategy diverting the mind set up of Baloch youth and the Vash TV staff is humbly requested to lay down arms backing FM96.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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