Issue of a Personalised Stamp in Canada

(10 January, Ottawa, Sri Lanka Guardian) Following reports in the LTTE affiliated websites and media on the alleged issue of a personalised stamp by Canada Post Corporation promoting the LTTE’s separatist agenda which also includes a reference to “genocide”, the High Commission of Sri Lanka in Canada on 3rd January 2012 sent two letters, one to Denis Lebel, MP, Minister responsible for Canada Post Corporation and the other to Mr. Deepak Chopra, President and CEO of Canada post to register Sri Lanka’s protest and expressing the deep concern of the High Commission on this matter. This issue was also brought to the notice of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada.
In the said letter, the High Commission while drawing attention to the LTTE affiliated organisations and their activities in Canada, requested Canada Post to take immediate steps to withdraw the stamp in question from circulation and to initiate an inquiry on how such a stamp came to be issued by Canada Post. The letter also drew attention to the propaganda activities carried out by the front organizations of the LTTE.
Mr. Deepak Chopra, President and Chief Executive Officer of Canada Post Corporation in his letter dated 9th January 2012 addressed to the High Commissioner Chitranganee Wagiswara states “I had this matter reviewed immediately upon receipt of your letter. Please be assured that the image has never been printed by Canada Post; it is a false representation of our picture postage programme and is being fully investigated by our Security Department”. The letter further states that the postage stamp “was not printed by our picture postage programme and is in no way part of our official philatelic programme which goes through a very careful selection process including approval by our Board of Director”.
High Commission of Sri Lanka


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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