Justice Delayed is Justice Natural

Our feelings influence beyond time and space limits. This is real power all of us have through our beliefs. One who has had the experience of this real power would not be fooled by lookalikes. Justice Delayed is Justice Natural to the genuine litigant seeking Truth.

l by Gaja Lakshmi Paramasivam

(November 11, Melbourne, Sri Lanka Guardian) During the past week, concerns have been raised about the banning of some global websites, by the Government of Sri Lanka. Having worked with many websites – including one known as an associate of the Government of Sri Lanka, I concluded that the ban was unjust. But, like with everything else, we have our own versions of such bans here in Australia also. I realize/d that if we are to derive value, we need to like with money – ‘do the conversions’ and not take ‘facts’ directly to judge and conclude. If we applied directly, we risk living in imaginary world and would be totally unprepared for return karmas such as 9/11. The Global citizen would use common currency – which are facts that confirm her/his Global experience and not ‘local’ experience. The conversion needs to relate to UN’s actions in a particular issue and not as per its policies.
I recall that the University of New South Wales also ‘banned’ me unlawfully. Their lawyers Bartier Perry, wrote to me:
‘Given the contents of your letter of 28 December 2007, I ask that you not attend the premises of Bartier Perry for any purpose other than the service of documents in existing proceedings, subject to my further comments below. If you attend the premises in breach of this direction, Bartier Perry and/or Mr. Mattson may need to obtain orders against you……I am also instructed to advise that the University directs you not to attend its premises without the written consent of the Vice Chancellor’.
There is/was no lawful basis to the above. If I had acted unlawfully, they needed to follow Due Process and taken me to Court and not become the Judges themselves. In the case connected to the above, Justice Tamberline of the Federal Court of Australia, who heard also the case against David Hicks – referred to the Tamil Tigers.
As per the report in Sri Lanka Guardian about the report by the Committee Against Torture – CAT ‘FELICE GAER, Committee Expert who served as Rapporteur for the report of Sri Lanka, said that a lot had happened since the last report, and the Committee agreed there had been significant developments since Sri Lanka defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), a terrorist organization prohibited by over 30 countries. As the United Nations had said, terrorism aimed to destroy democracy and human rights. The report said that ‘Despite the grave atrocities committed by the LTTE, at no time has the Government resorted to or acquiesced to acts of torture’. However, the Committee had received extensive allegations of torture and ill-treatment, ranging from ordinary corners of the country to the centre of the conflict zone. The allegations included cases of disappeared persons, acts of cruelty and ill treatment by the police, harassment of humanitarian workers, human rights lawyers, journalists and ordinary persons, of secret detention centres and of deaths in custody.’
To the UN and many Governments of the West, the LTTE are terrorists. These Governments do not care deeply enough to believe. But to majority Tamils Tigers are freedom fighters. This belief based description is the more valid description, because of the common cultural and religious beliefs through which the Tamil Community is connected through its roots. The stronger this belief based connection, the more naturally we influence each other. Hence, those who think LTTE are terrorists – would not be able to override the causal genes in the Tamil Community. Likewise, they would not be able to override the parallel in the Sinhalese Community unless they become majority Buddhists. If they cannot influence the Sinhalese – they cannot influence the current Sri Lankan regime in power.
Just a few minutes ago I stood up and paid my respects to all war heroes in common – including Tamils who died in combat. I did not separate between good and bad fighters. All believers are good fighters – even though some of them may seem ‘bad’ to some.
Those closely associated with the West and are dependent on the West – would not connect to the roots of the Tamil Community. The UN and its close associates cannot therefore Naturally cure Tamils even if we accept that the disease is Terrorism as defined by common principles. The only government known to majority young Tamils in Sri Lanka – is the LTTE. To many of them, the LTTE are the parallels of Subhash Chandra Bose who preferred to fight against the British using arms. Bose’s armed forces included a women’s wing – Rani of Jhansi Regiment, headed by Madam Lakshmi Swaminathan Seghal. With this knowledge, Female Tamil Tigers did not seem wrong to me, when I was in Tamil areas. Most of them were from rural areas and hence the LTTE which facilitated them to feel powerful – would have been the only Government they recognized – the same way Indians such as Madam Lakshmi Swaminathan felt powerful under the leadership of their Hero Subhash Chandra Bose.
What we express – if identified with by majority in our environment as being ‘right’ – brings us popularity. But unless this is connected to our Belief / Truth – this would be very temporary. Knowledge, likewise would be ‘right’ when we connect to others academically for status. Wisdom on the other hand, naturally influences the root of our environment. If the Sri Lankan Government truly believed that the LTTE were terrorists – they would not have included Colonel Karuna as part of their Government. Having included him, if they kept calling the LTTE ‘terrorists’ – they are influencing fear or desire in the minds of their voters. Likewise, the UN – in the minds of those who ‘see’, ‘hear’ and believe.
The influence through the seen and the known is external. The influence through belief is natural and is usually not visible. Today, on Remembrance Day –I heard the Hon Tom Watson, MP (UK) ask Australian – Mr. James Murdoch ‘Are you familiar with the word mafia’. Then ‘Have you heard of Omerta – the Mafia term for a vow of silence’. Mr. Watson then continued to provide a dictionary definition and accused New International UK of the fitting that definition.
That brought to my mind, my questions as a Citizen in the Court of Justice Tamberline. I asked the lawyer representing the University of New South Wales – whether he would agree with some of my definitions. Here is an excerpt from the transcript:
During cross examination of Lawyer Mattson representing the University of NSW
Ms Paramasivam: You said this morning in Court that you wanted some parts of item number 2 in the Notice of Motion crossed out?

Mr. Mattson: Yes, correct

Ms Paramasivam: Was it after you received my affidavit dated 29 March specifically paragraph 5 in which I have stated that it was in breach of Order 20?
Mr. Mattson: Yes it was; yes it was
Ms Paramasivam: Ok. Thank you. First of all I think I would like to get some agreement on some of the terms that we might be using. I would like to know whether you disagree with any of my definitions of common terminology not spelt out in the legislations used. I would provide my own definition as per my discovery and I would like you to confirm or deny and if you deny, to provide your own definition. Is that ok with you?
Justice Tamberline: Sorry. You had better just ask short questions. I think that’s too broad;

Ms Paramasivam: Sorry. Ok.
Justice Tamberline: Just ask questions

Ms Paramasivam: Ok.
Do you agree with my definition of ‘fact’ – that fact is truth bound by the environmental limits in which it is born?
Justice Tamberline: I’m sorry, I don’t understand. Sorry, would you ask your question please?

Ms Paramasivam: I,m just trying to define the terminology that I will be using later on.
Justice Tamberline: Well, just ask one, just ask a question. I reject that question.
There were many rejections from Justice Tamberline ……………………………..
Mr. Mattson to Justice Tamberline : If you go back to page 4, …….it’as an email from Neil Morris to the applicant again at 2.35 p.m. on 12 September telling the applicant ‘The University will not agree with you meeting with the DVC’ which is the Deputy Vice Chancellor or the Vice Chancellor: ‘They will provide no answers beyond what I have provided. The senior assistant accountant role is over and we need to move on from it.’
A little bit further down: ‘I should let you know that coming into the campus and seeking to see the VC when you have been told by me not to, will potentially put you in a situation we need to have a body like security deal with’
I was highly commended for my work for the University of NSW and yet when I asked for merit based assessment I was threatened with ‘security’ action by armed officers.
I said in my submission dated 06 February 2008 ‘ Justice Tamberlin acknowledged that he recognized the ‘Tamil Tigers’ (line 15; page 25). There is no evidence that Justice Tamberlin ruled out that I was not a security risk through my association with the Tamil Tigers.’
To me therefore, it was the work of Natural Justice – that today I heard fellow Australian Mr. Murdoch, of the class of Justice Tamberline and Mr. Mattson – being accused of mafia conduct. I was upholding Justice and to assist in that process I tried to share my definition – but I was punished by a Judge who is from the group that had the responsibility to protect Australia from this kind of ‘mafia’ labeling. Today, I feel even and rewarded for my genuine work back then. I submitted my work to the God of Justice and today I saw the return through that same Common God of Justice.
In his article ‘Super Freakonomics – Changing the way we think’ – Dr. Ruwantissa Abeyratne states ‘Another example the authors cite goes on to show that it was not legislation or stringent policing that reduced women being abused and subject to violence in certain parts of India, but the introduction of television, where in areas in which television was introduced there was less violence and abuse of women as the women who watched television and its various programmes, refused to be subject to abuse anymore. ‘
As a regular viewer of Indian Tele-dramas, I identify with this connection. Ordinary people connect more quickly to easy and interesting media than to intellectual and legal paths that do not work effectively anyway in many countries, including Australia, beyond a certain level. A main reason for this to my mind is ‘excessive theory’ taken from the West to impress. Yesterday for example, I had a long discussion with Dr. Nithi Kanagaratnam, the well known Sri Lankan Tamil musician who gave us the Baila song ‘Chinna Mahmiye’. I urged Dr. Kanagaratnam to continue to help our people through his expertise. To me that could help at the grass-root level – much more than all these UN sessions and Government theories. When people feel together – they/we naturally share. The rest is for distribution of wealth – money and status wealth.
Our feelings influence beyond time and space limits. This is real power all of us have through our beliefs. One who has had the experience of this real power would not be fooled by lookalikes.
Justice Delayed is Justice Natural to the genuine litigant seeking Truth.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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