Let there be peace on earth: Through men rediscovering their dignity and equality

| by Prof. Dr. S. J. Emmanuel

( December 23, 2012, Berlin, Sri Lanka Guardian) Christians celebrate Christmas as the feast of God becoming man. Their belief is that God created man according to his image, but man lost it by sin, became a victim of slaveries and thereby lost his peace on earth. Hence God became man as Jesus and paved the way for man to recover his dignity, equality and peace. And at the birth of Jesus, the angels sang
“Peace on earth to all men of good will”
Christians celebrate this feast with liturgical services, enriched by art, musical traditions and with mutual greetings.
But Christmas has become almost a universal feast, many celebrating it to strengthen their friendship, solidarity and togetherness in various contexts of life and work.  This is a welcome development, but more could be done to achieve the Peace wished at Christmas.
The more we see the world growing, even in the higher rungs of our society, in the sins of  lies, injustices, corruption,  dictatorships, wars, mass graves and  massacres,   the more we feel that the original meaning and message of Christmas, needs to be rediscovered and activated. But how ?
God became man because man lost his humanity through sin! Jesus preached a new Kingdom of values, very different and opposed, to Kingdom (a world order) and values preached by the super powers. He preached that all are children of God, the one father of humanity. We are all equals. Only by recognizing this common dignity and equality among us, there can be Peace on earth.
As a people we are thirsting more than ever before for justice, peace and reconciliation. The road to freedom, reconciliation and peace must start from within ourselves.
A world without peace can be won over only from within (Gertrud von Le Fort)”
If you want freedom, become free, if you want peace become peace” the Buddhist monk Thic Nathan of Paris.
I wish you all a happy and meaningful Christmas 2012


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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