Libyans of the NTC: You are Modern Stupid Barbarians

l by Nilantha Ilangamuwa

“….What is valued in war is victory, not prolonged operations. And the general who understands how to employ troops is the minister of the people’s fate and arbiter of the nation’s destiny..” ( The Art Of War – Sun Tzu )

(October 29, Singapore, Sri Lanka Guardian) You, Libyan members or sympathizers of the National Transitional Council (NTC) have done what Americans wanted. You did what your own people don’t want to hear at all. You stupid guys have danced to the tune of foreigners. The damage will cost your next generation in coming years. Of course, People of Libya needed serious change of regime but not the way you did it. You have thus become the prime example of modern stupid barbarism which kills its own people to roll out the red carpet for known evil. You demonstrated ignorance that a known devil is better than an unknown angel.
Just over a week ago the eyes of the world were turned on Libya, where Libyans were seen killing their 42 year old regime by capturing, severely torturing and killing their leader – all on the open road for all to see in the name of pseudo ‘transparency’. What was needed was ‘confidentiality’ and ‘privacy’ when Libyans were punishing their own leader. A child must respect his father even when punishing the father for wrong doing or leave it to Allah. You disrespected the leadership position. If you truly believed in Allah you would not have killed your own leader disrespectfully. By doing this, you have seriously insulted all fathers of your community, including yourselves. Family punishing family must be within the walls of the family and done with due respect for the position the individual held/holds. The leader’s position is the position through which outsiders see us. You have seriously damaged this position for Libyans. Shame on you.
It was horrible, and even more so when those stupid guys – the so called revolutionaries- exhibited the slain leader’s bloodied body until it putrefied and reeked. Then they threw it in unknown desert area like animal carrion. Is this what you learned in Islam in the name of Allah? “You dog; Allah is Almighty; God is great” . One of the men even soughed while rigging his revolver at Gaddafi just moment before the leader’s last breath. This is shameless disrespect for the dead never known in the history of entire African civilization. You won the war but lost the civilization. You will pay high cost for losing real civilization and its discipline, to pay for utopian democracy that you are trying to gain through fanlights of washrooms in the White House and the State department in the US and EU.
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton touched down in Libya, becoming the first cabinet level official to visit the country since NATO airstrikes began in March and Tripoli fell in late August.
Generally, Africans are hardworking people who made great contribution to the human civilization. They usually paid high costs as per the history of mankind. Most subjects related to rights and freedom were of African origin and they need to be respected and curtsied by everybody who enjoys and values freedom.
There are some who do not like to see the rise of Africans. Instead, they like to use Africans for selfish benefits and throw them out after using them. This is what is happening to most of the countries in African peninsula even today in the name of establishing democracy. Western democracy is a fake. If the ordinary people do not have enough freedom to live with dignity, there is no democracy at all.
I belong to the country where lots of elections are held year after year, spending billions of citizens’ tax monies. Do we have democracy? Do we have enough freedom to elect our representatives or contest in the elections? Nothing! Systems are manipulated by person who is seen to be above the law and decorated by the constitution as the “Executive President”. His relations and/or collogues are decorated through positions around that Executive President position. Just going for an election is not a way of restoring democracy . Understanding the freedom for everyone to feel equal and everyone to enjoy common basic rights is true Democracy. Democracy should be a path through which everyone who seeks would find justice against the unjust. Killing those who surrendered is not liberation. NTC has proved before the world that the NTC is unable to accomplish the implementation of a system needed in Libya for Libyans. In these circumstances the NTC will depend upon the source, where the original plan of killing Gaddafi came from.
I would like to quote here what Frederick Douglass, a black leader who fought against slavery in the US said centuries ago – “America is false to the past, false to the present, and solemnly binds herself to be false to the future.” The , “wow” sound that came from the head of state department in the US, just moments after announcement of the news of the killing of former Libyan leader, who experimented with his own political ideology which he described as Third Universal theory, is prime signal of future curse of Libya. The NTC is nonetheless victim of a great trap for real freedom and tool of those who have had the last laugh in this course.
What the NTC has shown itself to be before our eyes reminds me of a famous saying in Sinhalese, “You will never bite the dog that bites you”. The myth will not exist for long in Libyan politics but the mess will remain for a long time to come. History will never absolve them.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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