LLRC: Lesser Learnt Rajapaksa Commission

Lessons Learned and Reconciliation Commission Review

| by Subramaniam Masilamany
(December 19, Colombo. Sri Lanka Guardian) Sri Lanka calls it lessons learnt and Reconciliation Commission, I call it Lamentable, laughable and Regrettable commission. We can also call it lesser learned Rajapaksa commission. Some people like to call it learned lackeys remorse commission. Simply it is Rajapaksa report to white wash war crimes.The Sri Lankan Singhalese do it so well the art of deception.

The LLRC report released yesterday summarized the Sri Lankan dichotomy in one simple single commission; the Sri Lankan struggle is not about race and religion it is about the fundamental respect to morality and the universality of human nature. One community thinks of the right path and the other community thinks any path is okay as long as we get through the day. There is no mention of human life, human rights and human suffering in their minds, how can they? They are mindless people, Got it Mr. World leaders, do whatever you want to do with it. We survived the worst world war by 20 nations, 3 billion people and some of the most deadly weapons. Bring it on if you got any more; bring it on super powers that supported the senseless Sri Lankan savages.

Now a Rajapaksa talk about asking for forgiveness, amazing isn’t it? Two years ago we were terrorists now we are innocent and decent citizens, anything that suits you Mr.Rajapaksa, anything that Suits you mindless maniac. . We don’t need your apology, we are not ready to forgive, bring back our loved ones to life. Mr. Rajapaksa on 18th May 2009 was the turning point; no looking back, it is a new era for Tamils. We don’t need anything from you. We got a lot of work to do not only in Sorry Lanka, but all over South Asia.
Mahinda Rajapaksa triumphs again in his twisted manipulation of the educated minds of Sri Lanka; he has hired seven learned people and made lackeys out of them. He does it so well that we have to question the school curriculum and add dark side of the human mind to it so that the future generation lives with care and reservations.
The deepest question in my mind is; am I one of these human beings who behave so inhumanely, so unconsciously and so nastily. How can we be so bad to our own kind? How can man be so brutal, so uncaring and kill people and then other people set out to justify them, find them not guilty and set them free. It is unconceivable that we humans can go so far down in evolution and be lower than the lowest of the living form. It is a shame. We have so many thousand so powerful and lethal weapons but we could not the guts to go in take out one tyrant out of existence and he still runs around like Tasmanian devil. Sad indeed. It appears as though the Sri Lankan people and especially the President and his clans have been to a different school of ethics on planet earth. They appear to have a different set of values and yard ticks such as a human life is easily disposable without any deliberations. Yet they seek approval from the rest of the moral world; quite weird and quite unusual isn’t it? When a nation of people are confusing civil liberty with civil tranquility, they have lost their sense of direction and they are mere subjects not citizens, that is what Rajapaksa wants and that is what people got. If you think Tamils lost, at least they have realised it, wait till the others find out what is in store for them, now they are in hallucinatory mood, wait till the mojo runs down. Mahinda Rajapaksa himself does not know that he does not know how to lead a society he wants to manage we want to empower. To give away power is the power of a powerful person; one remains powerful by having no power except reverence. God is invisible yet he is powerful through reverence. The power has diffused into the greater conscience, you feel it when you step into its realm, and you feel it in churches, temples mosques and synagogues and in the chamber of justice and sometimes in some people.
Why do people and nations waste their God given life in totally unwanted, unnecessary and un-defendable acts of inhumanness? Steve Jobs, the late Chairman of the Apple Computer Corporation said, “Knowing that one day I will be dead is the biggest motivator for me to live every moment of my life usefully and creatively. When a man has that kind of beliefs no wonder he is going to be one of the greatest. More than that I give credit to those who created the American mindset that promotes freedom and freedom for creativity. It is very sad indeed to see 20 million people in Sri Lanka for 60 years were lead in a path of self destruction; each one of them could have been either Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Sad indeed! This LLRC was created to continue that path of self destruction; it was created to pull wool over our eyes and make stupid out of the whole world and to continue their path to the dungeon. The members of the commission did not perform their duty as told by the creator but as told by the criminal. Sad indeed educated and elderly people have to behave so inhumanely. But having lived a life so far I know justice will never be denied that is my only consolation. Man cannot be a judge, justice, justifiable, justified; seeking justice from mankind is a false sense of hope and faith. I shall leave justice to the creator. This is Tamil culture, we do not seek justice or redemption from any one, we did not ask for an inquiry or for the LLRC, we did not set out to punish anyone. We cannot, for man cannot be his own judge however much he may have emancipated. We accept the verdict of the creator and we have the capacity to judge our behaviours and we have the capacity to correct ourselves and when something happens to us and if we cannot be our own judges we accept the verdict of the creator. This is why I want to be a Tamils, this why I am a Tamil and this is why I am proud to be a Tamil. There is no other way to life. There is no other culture like it. If we survived the year 2009, 20 nation and 2 billion people army and modern weaponry we can survive any holocaust. If you have any more moral strength and untested new weapons bring it on, savages bring it on. It is war between the morality and mindlessness, it not over, it has just begun.
LLRC Commission was made up of the criminals by the criminals for the criminals to white wash their war crimes and war against humanity. This commission was part of the grand plan formulated by the Sri Lankan government along with the other parties to the war before the beginning of the hostilities; but to believe that it was appointed as a result of the war is naivety and wrong. It was part of the propaganda aspect of the war. It was supposed to be a Biafra style massacre soon to be forgotten but unexpectedly something went wrong. That something was the Diaspora factor. Now they have pumpkins to bury but do not have much rice to do so. The Sri Lankan religious establishment hires criminals to run the government to drive out Tamils from Sri Lanka, it was, is and always will be the way till last of the Tamils are either killed or driven out of the country. Both India and Sri Lanka share the same sentiment. Some foolish among my community of Tamils believe otherwise. To some of us who happened to be Tamils by birth and by the language we speak and the domain we were born we were called Tamils, but we are humans too like anyone else. Through years of living in deprived land of water soil and climate we have developed a distinct way of living, this way of the culture as we call it is incompatible with the Southern psyche. I guess God has a separate plan for us that may be the reason why we end up in nations that are very wealthy in very many ways. Thank you God the almighty.
I do not know if he knows it or not, Mahinda Rajapaksa is the prime suspect in the 2009 Sri Lankan war crimes investigations. I hope he knows it now if he didn’t know it before. There are so many things he does not know such as Duminda Silva is Drug dealers and his son Namal is a high profile pimp. Sir, you can take you LLRC report and shove it right up where it belongs, it is pulling wool over our eyes and send rest of the world on wild goose chase, and ridiculing of the world of people. Mahinda Rajapaksa needed some time to bury all the physical evidences in zone of war crimes and genocide under the pretext of de-mining while demeaning decent civil society and deceiving the diplomats.
The LLRC report is out and as usual Mahinda Rajapaksa has declined responsibility, which is typical of criminals, criminals are not going to come forth, forthright and say we did kill people; it is for the victim or plaintiff to prove the case. He treats this like a court case drama. Folks remember that in a legal case it is an external investigation outside the realm of moral justice; moral justice has little to do with court room drama, and in court room as long as you are legally right you are innocent, free and clear. Actually speaking the legal system favours the accused and the accused has the right to remain silent and not to take the witness stand to favour him for it may go against him. Whereas the moral society knows it all by feeling, hunches etc; it a non verbal deliberation in the plasma of universal laws. The king may err but God never. So they have put out the LLRC report claiming that they did not do any harm, it is for us to prove it, but the world knows otherwise. Mahinda Rajapaksa is vainly trying to exonerate him and his clan; he may escape man made justice but will not escape moral justice. People were killed indiscriminately in thousands and by thousands, the people are still being abused physically, morally and psychologically and he pretends not knowing anything. Somewhere there must be justice for all these crimes and sufferings.
Who are the criminals? The fronts of the criminals are the Rajapaksas and other politicians. Who are the real criminals? One has to go deep into the psyche of the conscience, I mean the Mahavamsa. The mahavamsa the mission, the Mahasangha the fanatical outfit and the Mahanayakes the fanatical criminals. Where from the orders emanate. The mission is to drive all Tamils out of Sri Lanka and whatever is left will be silent, subdued and subservient minority. Remember folks in this Sri Lankan struggle both India and Sri Lanka share the common agenda and common benefits. China may be an innocent victim of the grand larceny, Chinaman is natively a man of business and needs only to be convinced that some new method is to his advantage, but the Hindu I mean the Indian is a dreamer, remarkably lacking the business instinct, and is so deeply imbued with ancient religious, racial, social culture and it will be hard to rouse him from his fatalistic theories in which his whole nature is steeped in.
The Tamils are basically people of industry, frugality and spartanism. They are progressive people and are willing to put in their effort to live peacefully and pragmatically. They instinctively know that life is after all a gifted endeavour and the minds are fitted with a horn of plenty. This summarises the paradox of the Tamils. We are caught between and among tribes of fatalism.
The Sri Lankan conflict was a joint venture cooked up between Indians in the North and the Singhalese in the South against the Tamils caught in between them. This struggle has been going on for a couple of thousand years. It will go on forever as long as we are humans with animal instinct. What we need in Asia is an Asian spring, If not we will be left behind, the Arabians have realised it. Imagine South Asia being a breeding ground for menials. I cannot imagine for moment, but then there are educated, eminent people in India thinking otherwise. How can we break the backbone of the Indian fatalism that is in their minds? I am not boasting about us the Tamils, we see the future very clearly for we stand on the shoulders of the giants of philosophy. We are a gift to South Asia but they think otherwise. Singaporeans think we are great people because they are predominantly Chinese, they think with rest of the world quite differently to the Indian.
This is the back ground of the Sri Lankan conflict, for the present moment, if the western powers do not intervene and bring about a mind change in the whole region, this conflict will explode to engulf the whole region. Indian, Pakistanis and other do not have the depth of human nature to understand the nature of the conflict unfolding. I am proud to say that we Tamils have a road map for South Asia.
This appointment of the LLRC commission is a proof of the shallowness of their mind. Who in the world will appoint a tribunal to investigate his own criminal actions? Either that person is insane or intoxicated. The world knows, we know it, I know it that the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa, his brother Gothabaya Rajapaksa, the commander Sarath Fonseka are main and the most important players of the war, war against humanity, and subsequent genocide. For Mahinda Rajapaksa to appoint his own commission to investigate him looks little too naive on his part, isn’t it? Will he knowing that he is the one who gave the orders to kill people turn the gun on him? Either he thinks the world is stupid or does not care or he is extremely stupid. He got way with too many crimes too many times, that is all to it. Will he get away this time? It is up to us.
Looking at his back ground since 1970s, yes I mean 1970s; there are several strange murders and disappearance in his province of Hambantota, Sri Lanka. There is common sense and a common census that he was in the midst of all of it. The opposition leader Ranil Wickremasinghe and John Amaratunga are the living examples of his involvement in the murder of two politicians. Recently Lasantha Wicrematunge and Pregeeth Ehligoda murders are suspected to be his orchestrations. These are disturbing inputs. But folks rest assured that nothing will happen in this war crime investigation for India is part of it and they will ensure that it does not proceed any further. After all Indians have some moral values and they are not going to let down their trustworthy servant Mahinda Rajapaksa. It was India’s war that Sri Lanka fought. How can they forget it so easily?
LLRC and the Tamil perspective
LLRC for whom, for what and for why? After 60 years of racism, fanaticism, state terrorism and the finally a well planned massacre as depicted in the chronicle called Mahavamsa (Maha= great, Vamsa = race) they want to just white wash, brush aside and continue the path of fanaticism. It is in their own self interest this madness has to be stopped. The 2009 massacre in not the end of it, it became too obvious because of the Diaspora Tamils. Biafra massacre in Africa was never made into an international issue, but the Mullivaikal massacre was made to become an issue because we the Diaspora took up the issue with the International community. Mahavamsa has been stopped and they can burn it now. When I mentioned the word Mahavamsa to a world renowned human rights organization they said they never heard of this plan for ethnic cleansing. There is no benefit to Tamils in this LLRC report. What we need is an investigation, let me put it straight into head of people; we want an investigation into the role played by Mahinda Rajapaksa, Gothabaya Rajapaksa and Sarath Fonseka. It is the Sri Lankan people who have to insist on it for their future depends on reclaiming their international image. And we Tamils will not keep silent either. We will within the laws of the land exercise our constitutional rights to ensure justice is upheld. For Sri Lankan Singhalese the trouble has just begun, if you want to live the way most communities live you have to chart a different path and choose a different breed of leaders. This ethno-centric, race, religion based policies will not take you anywhere. A very simple suggestion, it took Jews 2500 years but we have done miracles in 25 years, but this a mere beginning, if you have Mahavamsa as your road map, we too have one for you. Look at Middle East and learn fast. Numbers may give false and distinct advantage but it does not ever give absolute advantage, it may in fact be disadvantage. In the Second World War what the combined military of the Allied forces could not do in 5 years one simple device did it over night. The biggest problem in South Asia is not Sri Lanka, it is India. If Parabaharan killed Rajiv Ghandi, and if Mahinda Rajapaksa killed Parabaharan, why then are you holding innocent people for Rajiv Ghandi’s murder? Innocent people lives are like innocent soldiers in the front line, we see innocent people and innocent soldiers dying on the streets daily. Why are they dying? Or precisely said whom are they dying for?
What I am trying to tell my Indian friends is justice works in strange ways and it works in places dark and invisible, and it crushes everyone on its way. When the Indian people are indifferent to the plight of the innocent people in the jail, they too are considered accessories to the injustice. When people do not rise, stand up and say that is wrong, those people too are punished for their inaction in that crime. But we all know one thing for sure we Tamils have nothing to do with Rajiv Ghandi’s murder. Someone took political advantage of a favourable situation. That is not for us to find out. A wife getting her husband murdered is not something new and is already recorded in annals of history!
As far as us Tamils are considered this LLRC is for the Singhalese to justify their position to the world, it will never be an answer to us. We know who the culprits are and we know what to be done about it, it does not change in any way or even a wee bit our verdict and our response to it. Our immediate plan is to educate our children and create that force of moral presence so that the world will begin to listen. The spectators and audiences are not ready, we are not ready but we have to ready our future generations to make the spectators and audiences pay attention. We need to educate the Indian masses and the Sri Lankan maniacs that there is better formula for life, not corruption, bribery, racism, fanaticism etc. To make them to listen we need that critical moral mass.
My appeal to the Singhalese people in Sri Lanka is I am willing to offer return flight to a few people to come and see the miracle unfolding in a nation without borders and a nation of people without a government that can still maintain their character. It is in our blood, it is in our nature and it is nurtured in our generations to come. But don’t be surprised if the future generation looks quite different to the dark skinned Tamils which your tourism industry likes to portray for we may be your future tourists! Got it? We may come to visit for the best of your food and best of comfort which you serve others with gratitude.
Your leaders told you Tamils were into drugs and credit card frauds but when you read the patents filed worldwide you will know what we have been doing. Moral justice works in strange places in strange ways. One day you will see a tower and you may wonder where it came from, we know what we have to do to get it up there. It was shear hard work, determination; perseverance and our ability to rise again and gain like the mythical bird phoenix.
We have risen, when bankers and politicians begin to receive us with respect, there is something miraculous and a miracle has happened just in mere 25 years. Amazing isn’t it. That is why the LLRC report was released to appease the Tamils and to get piece of the pie. And they say we are going to ask for forgiveness, but where are our loved ones? Or is it plan in disguise to continue your fanatical mentality. Will I ever let any Singhalese man into my home, how can I? When you have become low class scum basket. At the common wealth meeting, why did our Prime Minister walk out when the scum rise to speak? Because, we Canadians are very conscious about the character of a person and the content of his character.
You are a pariah nation in the face of the world community; they know what you do, how you talk and how you have clearly told the world we are a bunch of savages without any conscience. A community with conscience will never behave so erratically and to treat the world like garbage. If you had any morality you would have behaved differently. It was your culture you reveal so clearly to the world. We didn’t have to do thing, you did it yourself. As I always say Moral Justice, the mother of legal justice work quietly, slowly, patiently and ultimately it will come to haunt you. The ghost of moral justice has taken over from legal justice.
Remember and never forget that legal justice is only tiny portion and when that legal justice is insufficient moral justice takes over. Daily we wake up and the man who lives by moral justice get through the day like breeze and a man who breaks that go through the tempest. My advice to my Singhalese people is please take two minutes a day to pray to God to give you pathway of peaceful life. My mother did it for me; I do it for my children.
What Sri Lanka needs is a regime change.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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