Mahinda Samarasinghe demonstrates the wisdom of the Hakuru Welenda

| by an observer

(February 28, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) An observer of Sri Lankan affairs would have watched Mahinda Samarasinghe’s performance at the Human Rights Council yesterday with amusement. Saying and doing are unrelated in Sri Lankan consciousness as famous Hakuru Welenda’s ( Jagary seller’s) story known to every school child demonstrates. Faced with the threat of a resolution, Sri Lankan government told the Council, no resolution is necessary, we will do what you want on our own. Meanwhile, demonstrations were organized in Sri Lanka against the conspiracy hatched at the United Nation’s Human Rights Council. No contradiction was seen in promising to do what the conspirators want.

There is no surprise in all this. Deception is quite the thing to do in politics. That is an accepted norm in Sri Lanka.
First kill. Then deny killing. First say, there is nothing to investigate. Then, if the pressure demanding investigation becomes stronger, say, yes, we will investigate but don’t do it. If pressurized again then promise to investigate again and again forget about it. Keeping on repeating this, until, the matter is finally forgotten.
This is Sri Lankan idea of political wisdom. Perhaps, it was inherited from Indian Brahmanism.
In the same style, President Rajapakse promised Indian foreign minister that he would give 13 + and when the Minister left had a laugh.
So long as such an idea of political wisdom prevails, you can kill or even do something worse and get away with it.
This is what makes Sri Lanka a crazily cruel place.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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