Mahinda sandwiched between two siblings

| by A Special Correspondent in Colombo

( April 21, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The rift between President Mahinda Percy Rajapakse’s siblings Basil Rajapakse and Gotabaya Rajapakse is said to be widening to an irreconcilable position since the Geneva resolution against Sri Lanka on the implementation of the President’s LLRC report.
The relationship between the two siblings has reached the stage of both attempting to score points against the other. President’s son Namal Rajapakse is said to be siding Gotabaya Rajapakse, thus putting the President more in an awkward position.
Gotabaya Rajapakse’s anti-Indian ranting and un-mitigating pro-China stand since the Geneva resolution, has further estranged the relationship between the siblings and Gotabaya is demanding that his brother must tow his line and this has caused serious consternation for the President.
Both brothers are holding senior ministerial positions in the government and the battle is said to be dividing the government bureaucracy. The extreme nationalist elements are backing Gota, as they are claiming that he is the man who won the war against the LTTE.
The President’s attempts to mediate between the two so far has failed, as he is said to be chickened out in the internecine fight. Due to the infighting, conflicting reports and claims are being released by the departments taking allegiance to any one of the brothers.
The External Affairs Ministry is said to be Basil pro whilst Gota is promoting Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe to undertake more of the important diplomatic work. Gota is fully backed by the right wing Jathika Hela Urumaya, Wimal Weerawansa and other Sinhala extremist in the government coalition.
The outright control of the Colombo municipality by Gotabaya Rajapakse has annoyed Basil, as he has argued with the President that the Colombo local authority must be allowed to function independently.
According to a close contact of Minister Basil Rajapakse, he has asked the President to influence his rival brother Gota to put an end to the arbitrary conduct of the Defence Ministry. He is said to have specifically asked for an end to the white van abductions by the Defence Ministry.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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