Man beheads wife

(December 05, Chennai, Sri Lanka Guardian) A 41-year-old vendor allegedly beheaded his wife at Edapadi in Salem district. Later he went to the police station with her severed head and surrendered. It has been reported that the accused had frequent quarrels with his wife suspecting her fidelity. On Thursday, the accused fell into a rage, attacked his wife with a sickle and chopped her head off.
Raja (41), vendor who lived in Edapadi, Salem district in Tamil Nadu has been selling fancy articles by cycle to nearby villages. Wife Saroja (38) extended her support in selling the articles in and around Edapadi to raise more income for the family. They normally purchased in bulk from nearby Erode Town and sold them in the villages. Raja, normally went to Erode to collect bulk goods and in the absence of Raja, Soroja went to Erode and purchased the goods.
In the course of time, Saroja developed intimacy with a shopkeeper in Erode and they had frequent outings. Raja came to know about this illegal relationship and warned her not to continue with it, but Saroja continued with her relationship with the Erode vendor. One day Raja got angry and the conflict between husband and wife escalated.
At the height of the conflict, Raja took a knife and beheaded his wife and took the head to the police station. On his way to the police station he kept crying out to the people not to believe wives but to control them…. otherwise they may get into illegal relationships…
Eventually he surrendered at the nearby police station. – 

Sources: The Nakkheeran.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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