Many Muslims recruited into Sri Lanka Intelligence Service

| by Our Defence Correspondent in Colombo

( April 21, 2012, Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) The Intelligence Service coming under administrative control of Defence Secretary Gotabaya Rajapakse has shown inclination to recruit more Muslim staff as intelligence officers in the different departments attached to the Intelligence Service.
Defence Secretary’s decision to recruit more Muslim staff goes before the military defeat of the LTTE.
Muslim members are given Sinhala names for operational reasons and are given unhindered powers to exercise their duties without being questioned by any one.
The number of Muslims operating in the Intelligence Service is kept a top secret and using Sinhala names prevents correct names being established during their operations.
According to disgruntled Defence Ministry source, Muslims are taken in a disproportionate scale because of their anti-religious feelings towards the Hindus and Christians. There is also belief that Muslims do not fear to undertake any operations entrusted to them. Most of the white van abductions and targeting the Hindu and Christian institutions are said to be undertaken by these Muslim intelligence men under the given Sinhala names.
The Defence Secretary has decided to send more of the experienced Muslim Intelligence officers under false names to Sri Lanka missions overseas since the Geneva resolution on Sri Lanka last month and they are being given instructions to liaise with anti-west Muslim groups to target Ealam Tamil groups to silence their campaign against Sri Lanka.
Within those recruited, most of the Muslim intelligence officers are said to be from the Eastern Province and particularly from the Kaathankudi area where Muslim extremism is deep rooted.


Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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