Marie Colvin’s Death a Great Loss to Tamils. TGTE Salutes Her Selfless Service

( February 25,Colombo, Sri Lanka Guardian) Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) expressed its deep sense of sorrow at the death of journalist Marie Colvin. Tamils in the island of Sri Lanka have a special bond with her. As a courages and dedicated journalist, she risked her life to bring the truth about killing of Tamils by the Government of Sri Lanka.
While trying to bring the truth about Tamil killings, she lost her left eye due to Sri Lankan government fire. She also tried to save civilians by negotiating with the UN and others on civilian’s safe- passage. But that attempt failed, when the Sri Lankan Government reneged on its promise and killed those crossing over.
Marie Colvin continued to champion for justice even after the Sri Lankan war ended with over 140,000 people unaccounted for. She was providing information about these killings to help initiate an International investigation. It is journalists like Colvin that gave hope to the civilians who were targeted by the Sri Lankan government by continuously bombing and shelling civilian targets.
Marie Colvin will be remembered for her selfless service and a champion to bring truth. She spoke truth to the power, even to the extent of losing her life. She brought respect to the field of journalism and became an example for journalists who cover abuses by government forces.
It is with heartfelt pain that Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam salutes Marie Colvin for all she did to bring the truth about the mass killing in Sri Lanka and to be a champion to hold those responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide. Colvin will be remembered by the families of those killed and others for her unwavering passion for justice and who is brave enough to put her life on the line to bring the truth about mass killings. Tamils will miss her dearly.

Author: Sri Lanka Guardian

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